Vietnam Vo Dich!

The scene was quite incredible. Thousands of Vietnamese jubilant because their country’s football team had just drawn a draw, and hence a victory, over Thailand, and coming out in force on their ubiquitous bikes to celebrate. “Vietnam Vo Dich!” (Sounds like “VIetnam Voing”, meaning Vietnam Wins) They chanted as they blared their bike horns.

Unspun‘s not seen a nation get so worked up over a game since the days of Rudy Hartono and Tan Aik Huang battling it out for the Thomas Cup.

Here are some photos to share with you.



5 thoughts on “Vietnam Vo Dich!

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  1. Its not that much different with Indonesia badminton fans, right? But it seems interesting to witnessed such culture of sports fans in other countries. Unfortunately I haven’t got the chance to visit Vietnam…


  2. I think its “Vietnam Vo Dich” (pronounced Zich) and it happens everytime they win a football match. The streets will be jammed and quite a number of people killed. I tend to stay indoors and out of the way when it happens,


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