The Post strikes back with 32 pages

Competition is good.

Spurred on by newcomer Jakarta Globe‘s 48 all-color pages and a more progressive layout, as opposed to the Jakarta Post’s dowdy, anachronistic layout in 24 pages, the Post is finally putting into place long overdue changes.

From Monday, Unspun‘s been told, the Post will have a new look and size and number of pages. It will bump the pages to 32 and come in three sections – general, business and classifieds. The dummy Unspun saw is laid out in 6 columns of text. The Post will retain its present masthead but it will be adored with panels above and below to blurb the inside contents.

The layout is modular and looks much better than the present incarnation (not a difficult feat). Business news coverage will also be beefed up in the Post. Acting as executive editor advising the business pages is Manggi Habir whose accomplishments include stints in at Standard and Poor’s and Citibank. He also has an MBA from from Michigan U and a Masters in Public Administration from Harvard University. One of the hats he wears is also as Chairman of Danamon Peduli.

Though nowhere near the Globe’s 48 pages the Post’s 32 pages is actually quite a good size, given this market. The Globe has had to resort to what we used to call BFPs to fill in the 48 pages it has because there’s not enough quaity local copy (BFP stands for Big F–ing Photos, to the uninitiated).

Unspun hopes that the Post gives the Globe a run for the money. If the Post can keep up the pressure then it will mainly be a matter of time before James gets tired with his new toy or run out of funds for the paper. But to do so it has to also improve its content (and certainly its horrendous headlines by copy editors too punny to be true), not just its looks.

Here’s to looking at ya.

2 thoughts on “The Post strikes back with 32 pages

  1. I’d rather have BFPs than postage stamps for photos, myself.

    Besides, what guarantee do we have that the extra pages in the Post will be filled with something other than more wire copy?


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