Former WSJ Jakarta correspondent goes in for operation today

Tim who was the WSJ’s correspondent based in jakarta till a few years ago goes in for hi second operation in Brussels today. Tim had his first operation in Singapore when doctors found a malignant tumor. The operation was a success and he relocated to Brussels.

Now doctors have found another growth and Tim goes in for operation today. Some of us in the JFCC got together and sent him a get Well card and this is what Tim had to say via e-mail:

Many many thanks for the card from you and the Jakarta gang! I received it on Friday, just before heading off for a last weekend away in the Ardennes. It was lovely there – snow covered hills, great food, tasty local beer. Just what I needed.

Now I’m back in the hospital, getting various tests and jabs ahead of tomorrow’s surgery. It’s really a drag to have to go through this whole process again, but the doctors here are confident they can remove the new growth, which apparently is fairly accessable. So I’m in good spirits, and even more so after receiving your card! Please give everyone my most profound thanks. And if anyone is ever passing through Brussels, I’ve got a spare room that’s always available!

All the best, Tim

We wish you all the best and a successful operation Tim.

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