The adventures of Funny Billy #1

Begining today a series on the trial that defies all logic…in today’s installment Unspun poses the question: can someone be detailed and yet be forgetful at the same time? Or is it Billy’s lawyer Humphrey Djemat that his fogetful?

The reason for these questions?

“You see, Billy often forgets things, he is well known for that, …. ”  – Humphrey as quoted by The Jakarta Globe (27 December 2008 under the headline,  Sindoro spends Christmas in detention, continues to proclaim his innocence

Padahal, Billy itu sangat teliti ….” – Humphrey in Kontan Harian, 13 Jan 2008 under the headline, Dugaan suap KPPU: Billy pernah melobi KPPU lewat email

Or did the papers misquote Humphrey?

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