A shrinking Globe?

Unspun hears rumors that The Jakarta Globe is considering changing its format to American broadsheet from its current full broadsheet size. If these rumors are true then it would be a bizarre decision as the Globe launched but only a few months ago and to do so at this point in time would make it look like  it was following The Jakarta Post, that revamped its format to American broadsheet and changed its layout for the better.

In the meantime Unspun’s also been told that Ahmad Pathoni, who joined the Globe from Reuters has for some unpublicized reason left the Globe to join Dpa, the German news agency where one of the Globe’s editors, Joe Cochrane, came from.

Toni’s departure leaves Bhimanto Suwastoyo as the only senior Indonesian editor at the Globe who commands professional respect. There is also another rumor that another editor might be leaving. So what’s happening there?

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