Quixotic tilt at the Post?

Update: the Jakchatters, especially Kukukukacha seem to have got their knickers in a twist over this posting, aying that Unspun is displaying racist tendencies and being unethical (question: if anything that appears on Jakchat is supposed to be private, why don’t you make the forum private, for members only?) Amuse yourselves and be disgusted by misogynistic males here.

One of the contributors of the Globe, Aulia, has also Twittered/messaged Unspun to say that he’s been paid for all his work, and Simon has posted comments below to say that the check’s now in the mail).

The International Herald Trubune has carried a story on James Riady’s decision to launch The Jakarta Globe in such troubled times. Read it here.

But what’s also equally interesting is that Jakchat has the Metro Mad columnnist Simon Pitchforth complaining that he hasn’t been paid for two months now. Simon moved his column from the Jakarta Post to the Jakarta Globe some time ago and he’s now wondering if he’s made the right move. Read here. (Thanks for the tipoff in the comments to the last posting, BBill)

Not one to tell one side of the story only Unspun has Twittered the Jakarta Globe, which has been extremely active on Twitter, posting reports, sports matches etc. let’s see if they will use Twitter for answering queries from their readers as well.

In the meantime Unspun‘s been told that Gita Wirjawan, the co-chairman of Ancora Capital, was also not too happy with being a columnist at the Globe and has decamped to the Post. Unspun supposes that money is not the issue with Gita, who probably thought he woudl have a better audience with The Post. He started appearing in the Post last week writing about Black Swans, if Unspun is not mistaken.

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  1. I am amazed you feel it is your job to contact his employer to ask about the payment in the first place. Can you not see that it has nothing to do with you? Fair enough to comment on your blog but contacting the globe?? dude you need serious help


  2. @Amazed: And who says I contacted his employer? I Twittered the Globe to ask them if they knew anything about rumors that they weren’t paying people. No answer. The only time I spoke with Lin or anyone in Globe management about this was at the Obama Inauguration night at the Marriott when I bumped into him. By then he had already read Unspun and told me that the problem was settled. Problem with people is that they all pay lip service to the New Media but when the transparency of the new media affects them they all get sanctimonious and ingenuous. If you post something in a public chat site or anything on the Net you should expect it to be public. Otherwise don’t go on any public site on the Net. Dude, you need serious checking of facts before hurling accusations.


  3. OK, as the subject of this super section of Unspun I demand that everybody calm down, count to ten and have a nice sit down and a cup of tea. Can we draw a line under this now? I was a bit silly to mention something on JC, it was just a little aside to my chums and I wasn’t expecting the Spanish Inquisition (which nobody expects by the way). Can we all kiss and make up?


  4. Er.. can we all sit down and have a nice cup of tea now? Let’s just draw a line under this. I probably shouldn’t have made my little aside on JC. I wasn’t expecting it to be pounced on like that but I think we should all shake hands and move on now…


  5. Amazed was shocked to find out Unspun felt contacting the globe via twitter to ask about “rumours” is not crossing the line. Amazed felt that it was strange if names were not mentioned why phone calls were made to MM.


  6. Actually, we did answer your tweet, as follows: “@unspun I can’t discuss anyone’s specific situation, but people are indeed getting paid, including contributors. — Trish 3:25 PM Jan 20th”


  7. @Trish: Oh sorry then. Did not see it or receive a notification. I stand corrected then and the evidence seem to point to everyone getting paid on time, bar an administrative glitch or two.


  8. “And who says I contacted his employer? I Twittered the Globe to ask them if they knew anything about rumors that they weren’t paying people”

    If trish wrote “@unspun I can’t discuss anyone’s specific situation”

    That would suggest you asked about a specific employee. So Amazed has no alternative but to conclude Unspun did cross the line and tries to mislead people.

    As I have said before – It’s okay to blog about these things but there is a line you don’t cross. I will opt out of any beers as I am very fussy about who I drink with.


  9. @Amazed: Twitter is public. What I Twittered to the Jakarta Globe is public. If I were you I’d check out easily accessible public information – it might prevent you from doing harm to your mental faculties from overexertion.

    For the record, this is what was Twittered @thejakartaglobe there is talk in Jakchat that people aren’t getting paid in Globe. Is there any truth to this? 1:32 PM Jan 20th from TwitterBerry in reply to thejakartaglobe


  10. Oh — so you just contacted them and told them where to look. Well that’s okay then. NOT. Twitter may be public but is a direct link of communication to the guys employer. Amazed thinks Unspun should stop trying to justify his actions and admit he was wrong.

    Amazed will stop here as he needs to research Twitter, which can be used by twats


  11. @Amazed: The horse bolted out of the barn at the comments section of the previous posting. Thanks for trying to shut the door now but you’re straining yourself again. Chill, and as Simon says: Have a cup of tea or a beer.


  12. interesting discussion, as ever with this blog… twitter is indeed a public channel, though as sure you all know, using the d rather than @ (with space between d and the username) is not.


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