At last – a reliable and fast ISP?

Back in December Unspun asked readers what’s a good ISP – Internet Service Provider – in Jakarta. There were some useful suggestions and then Jeremy Wagstaff, whose knowledge of loose wires and connected ones surpasses mine by tons, suggested that I should chat with Andre O. Halim, the president director of netZap.

Initially Unspun was not keen because an initial brush with their customer service did not yeild the best of results. Plus Unspun’s office was now subscribing to a ISP with a microwave link, which was not too reliable. But considering the choice out there it was worth a shot.

So Unspun trooped over to Andre’s office sometime in December to have a chat with him. A good start was that he was not defensive about the bad service we had earlier but sid that he wantd to understand the problem so he could fix it. We then talked about matters technical (of which Unspun pretended to understand) and at the end of the talk Unspun, head spinning, decided to try our netZap.

We tried the Group Package on offer which is meant for “gamers, SMEs etc” and comes with a tag of Rp900,000 per month. You could set it up for up to eight people. So far, Unspun is happy to report, the service has been reliable and very fast.  How fast? According to the Indosat IM2 speedtest the Upload speed was 760kbps while the Dowload speed was 731kbps. Not too bad. This means you can actually watch YouTube without interruptions as the computer tries to buffer.

Unspun then tried to check the speed of our broadband with our Uninet connection. Uninet also uses microwave and what I got was an Upload speed of 622kbps and Download speed of 531kbps.

So netZap wins heands down for now. Unspun‘ll post in a couple of months to see if netZap will maintain its speed and quality. In the meantime, to be fair, not everyone is happy. My brother-in-law in Kebun Jeruk who’s also a netZap subscriber says that his speed has gone down in the past month or so and when he called them they said that this was because they were saturted with subscriptions for the area.

On a related matter, what gets Unspun’s goat is how S_L_O_W the HSDPA connection for IM2 has become in recent weeks. On bad days it is almost impossible to get a connection at all and on good days the internet is so slow that it takes you back to connection speed ala Suharto days.

What Unspun can’t understand is why doesn’t the YLKI or other consumers associations go after Indosat for failing to live up to their promise of a 3 Gigabytes/second speed. What’s happened to all those lawyer who are so quick at filing class action suits?

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  1. This sounds fantastic! I would love to know how it goes.

    I am totally with you on IM2. It is disgusting how they continue to market this product so irresponsibly with absolutely no consideration for the customer. This is typical of telcos: push their products, then leave us all in the shit.


  2. No wonder the connection speed sucks. IM2 has quadrupled its customers in just 4 months, thanks to its prepaid service (DetikInet has a news about that). I’ve been a customer for more than 20 months, and while the connection speed had its ups and downs, these past few months were the worst. There were times when the speed is lower than dial-up, especially in the evening.


  3. @sobjagung: alas, greed and short-term thinking rules the day for Indonesian providers. If anyone knows of a better service please let us know so we can abandon IM2 with glee.


  4. Need to correct you there, IM2’s promise was never 3 Gigabytes per second (currently massive technological and economical barriers prevent that even for landline connections), their promise was a far more modest and realistic 3.6 Megabit per second which is actually quite bloody fast but the highest I’ve ever gotten was 2.5Mbps back in early-mid 2007.

    However since mid-2008, even getting 1Mbps which is the practical threshold for something that can be claimed as broadband, is like looking for an 18 year old virgin in Los Angeles and trying to connect at any time requires a minimum of 5 attempts and that’s without the sudden random disconnect.


  5. @Aulia: Thanks for correcting Unspun. Gigas and Megas elude me but what I know is that pf late it has gotten E-X-T-R-E-M-E-L-Y S-L-O-W, if you can get a connection that is.

    Interestingly, someone from Indosat tried tracking me down because of this post but they got my wife instead who gave them an earful because of her separate problems with their obtuse customer service for the past three months. You wonder why don’t they post a comment if they wanted to reach me – all grist for another posting.

    18-year-old virgin in LA? I think they are easier to come by than good customer service from Indosat. But I like your metaphor 😉


  6. OMG…. I have IM2….. its crap… Try calling thier customer service.. always busy then they hang up on you…”sorry we cannot take your call…”… beep beep beep!!


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