The fall of the Malaysian blogosphere?

Was Unspun right about the development of the Malaysian blogosphere back in December when he wrote about it having passed its Golden Age? May be too early to tell but Jeff‘s posting below seems to agree with the thesis.

Bloggers and rocky ties

Rocky’s Bru and his defence counsel Haris Ibrahim are having a public spat in blogosphere over what looks like their total discord on Umno politics — about Najib and Abdullah and whoever is better for Malaysia.

Not good.

It now boils over. Act One, Act Two, and now Rocky calls Haris a liar.

Not good.

What more when Tony Fernandes — himself a CEO blogger — claims that Malaysian blogs are now getting sick and twisted… over AirAsia and the LCCT at Labu.

Not good.

When bloggers lose their plots, harvests go to puppeteers. When that happens, bloggers are no longer the players, but the played-outs.

Not good.

via Screenshots: Bloggers and rocky ties.

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