The long tail of Pesta Blogger 2008

This something that the Indonesian Ministry of Culture and Tourism should be particularly pleased with. It’s more than two months since Pesta Blogger 2008 and its decision to sponsor the Pesta Blogger 2008 Roadshow – where five foreign bloggers were invited to visit and interact with bloggers at Bali, Jogjakarta and Jakarta – is still paying dividends.

Chef Mark, one of the invited bloggers,  has just released the second of his Indonesian Adventure video series. This time he shows and tells his viewers about Prambanan, Borobodur and Yogjakarta.

This video will now float about in the Net almost forever and will become one of the reference videos for people thinking of visiting Yogjakarta or its neighboring attractions. Its also credible because it comes from a third party.Now, if other tourism authorities are smart enough to latch on to this idea…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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