IM2 Sucks. Big Time

Go on Facebook, Twitter, Plurk or any other social media and you will hear a resounding disgust with IM2’s 3G HSDPA service.

Of late it has gone so slow and so difficult to connect that it is more than useless; it is a continual source of frustration.

The reason, as someone pointed out in a previous posting in this blog, is that Indosat’s increased its customers and therefore its speed has gone down.

A little like Jakarta traffic where the cars keep increasing but the amount of roads remain the same.

You wonder where is the sense of shame where Indosat’s directors are concerned. If I were them I’d be so ashamed to put out a product like this. I would also apologize profusely to my customers.

But do we hear a peep from Indosat IM2?

If there are any readers out there who are as disgusted as Unspun with IM2 please leave a comment on this posting to let them know how you, their customer, feels.

And while I’m on a rant, here’s another piece of stupidity. Go to their website and what you will see is a faux customer service friendly message like this:

call“Give us a call”, with graphic of a voice operator usually implies that you can make voice contact. But is there a phone number? Who does these things and get paid for it?

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  1. I think the problem is signing up for IM2’s unlimited service. Yesterday I changed to the limited service and WOW! Last night 10 kbps. This morning 1,038!!!


  2. @Brett: That’s interesting. Only I and I am sure a lot of others are locked in a 2 year contract with Indosat.

    But isn’t it typical of Indonesian telco providers to stiff the loyal customer in favor of short term quick gains? When I inquired about Telckom’s Blackberry unlimited package they said they had discount offers if you were a new subscriber with a new number but if you wanted to subscribe to the service with your present Telekom number then no discounts at all.

    And I thought all along that it makes sense to build layalty among customers…silly me.


  3. @Brett: I’m currently trying out their unlimited service and thinking of migrating from Speedy, because it’s become really, really unreliable since they replaced the chipsets in my area. I’ve been less than satisfied also with IM2, but am stuck with not much option besides these 2 since I’m out of other ISPs’ coverage. I’d really be interested to hear whether your changing to another plan with higher bandwidth will actually improve the performance.

    @unspun: When I signed up with them, which was 3 months ago, the only plan with unlimited option that required more than 1 year contract was the most expensive plan (it’s called the blitz or something), and it was for 18 months. I’ve also read different versions of the bandwidth quotas they set up from different versions of their brochure. These are probably a sign that they launched the product with short-term plans and tweaked things as they go. It probably didn’t occur to them that they actually need to tell their customers whenever they make changes like these!


  4. i have used im2 for three months now, and it only satisfy me for the first month.

    i could use internet at my office, so the only time i need to use im2 is at night. but, funny thing is after my first month, im2 always goes down at night, or it is too slow that makes me push F5 key a lot of times for just opening my google mail. it gets better in the early morning actually but what they expect me to do? wake up in the middle of the night just to have good internet connection?

    i use im2 broom unlimited which doesn’t bind me in a contract. despite that, i haven’t thought to change ISP for this while, unless there is any better recommendation of more reliable internet service. i’m not interested in changing to cable internet service since its immobility doesn’t suit me


  5. IM2 is totally hopeless…. I will cancel my account.. contract or no contract…..

    BTW: what is the best option these days??? for mobile internet. Thanks….


  6. They did provide a phone number in the brochure they gave me when I signed up for the service.
    But good luck calling them. Tried so many times, no answer. Not even once.
    It is the worst experience I had in getting mobile internet.
    I dumped the card the next day and signed up for another.
    If there is anybody out there thinking of getting one, please think again.


  7. Apparently, IM2’s connection speed has become so bad that is writing news about it. I hope this would be enough to jolt Indosat’s bigwigs into doing some meaningful capacity upgrade.


  8. I have had the a post paid 3Gb plan (Rp690,000 a month) now for nearly 12 months, up until a few months ago its was on average good, however now it sucks really bad with days where it takes some time to be able to get a connection and then frustrated as unable to upload or download anything.

    They certainly need to do something to improve the service.


  9. I have been to their office in Bali (Tuban), I stormed the customer service with many great questions (read some facts from many forums before going there). Eat that you greedy company! The staff just got speechless! One thing that made me like a furious Saiyan fighter, he (the officer) and the other two staff as well, talked to the customers while checking their Facebook account! They didn’t know that I have a very good pair of eyes, I even could read someone’s text message from great distance (handy in a certain time). I told them about that: they still can use internet for fun (Facebook), how about me? (I use internet to support my work). He quickly closed his Facebook tab.

    I brought the laptop as well, and there he tried to set the modem again, I told him it’s useless.
    There was a slow-as-snail connection using my modem (mind you: there were 2 other customers beside me with the similar problem)

    In their OFFICE? Geez…


  10. I am just going to burn these fucker’s building and please do the same everytime you see an Indosat thing.

    It never works, month after month it is problems EVERYDAY and they doing nothing but take your money and even the message form is not working and the phone never answering


  11. i kinda thought i sing up for 3g internet service but i get a fuckinly slow gprs nothing-1.36kbps on a local server, and they keep charging me the same ammoung of money, and yes their blackberry doesn’t work ever heard of 9500 running only on gsm signal not even gprs?


  12. i found this website when googling im2
    anyway i came here to let off some steam and share my disappointment with you guys
    i’ve only been a customer for two days. i signed up for unlimited package for 1 month.
    but im2 disappointed me already in so many ways.
    first, of course, is the speed of the connection.
    my speed never goes above 2kbps and it is never stable. Since i used the internet mainly for online-gaming, i keep getting disconnected. Lagg and freeze are also common occurences
    today, my internet suddenly stopped working for no apparent reason. i tried phoning the “so-called” hotline and entered the webchat. no response
    i had it with im2. I think i’m gonna switch to smart


  13. IM2 is the worst provider ever! I choose IM2 because they SUPPOSE to be better than SMART or any other provider in Indonesia.

    But they are the worst provider I ever had, they promise a good connection at least 3G but since I have IM2 I coudn’t use it because it disconnects everytime and if it is connected there is really no speed at all and I am not exadurating I have to use Simpati Flash now to send this message.

    From the start IM2 was BAD, when I bought the package they said it would take 48 hours to activate. But after 264 hours a lot of email to inform them, a lot of times try to phone them but they are unreachable, it was finally activated. But with dissappointing results coz there is no speed at all.

    I would everybody to think twice before buying this package. And else I have a none working package you can have.

    Tip: do not ever do business with IM2 because IM2 sucks BAD!!!!


  14. i had a post here before grumbling about IM2. and even after that i gave up and gave the card to someone else. however, after a few months i started to feel the urgent need to have internet because of my work, but i was still unable to find better broadband internet provider. so unwillingly last December i went to IM2 center and bought a new card. since they didn’t sell the type of previous card that I had anymore (with quota 2 GB), I bought the 3 GB quota one. amazingly, it’s far better than my previous one (I used the same modem). I thought it would be just good for the first month. But this is my second month, I can still connect at night and browsing smoothly even in moderate speed (i was never be able to connect at night when i used the 2 Gb card).

    for irritatedlikehell: i play online-gaming, too. not the bandwidth-consuming like warcraft though, just facebook games like cafe world. it’s not fast but I still can play. maybe also because i don’t expect too much from IM2 (based on my experience), that’s why finding i still can play games, I feel satisfied then


  15. In general…..ALL Indonesian internet sucks but IM2 is definitely the worst of the bunch. Pretty pathetic that the 5th largest world economy can’t muster up decent internet. As far as customer service goes…..ALL customer service in Indonesia also sucks especially for foreigners. Oh well….Indonesia companies seem content to scam everyone so what can you do? IM2 though……can suck monkey titty!!!


  16. I have had 3 accounts with Indosat under the IM2 3G service for over 2 years now. At first the speed was quite good reaching download speeds of up to 2.5Mbps.

    However, over the past 6 months the service has become so poor that I get better download speeds from a basic Speedy service. Obviously these greedy, shortsighted idiots at Indosat have completely overloaded their network with new customer subscriptions with no regard to the service they are providing to their customers.

    Quite frankly they should be sued for breach of contract and lying to the public about the level of service they provide. We subscribe for a service that is purportedly providing broadband connection speeds but are left with a product that provides little better than a basic GPRS connection.

    What makes it worse is that the Customer Service department are absolutely useless. I must have made at least 100 calls to these idiots. I am sure that Indosat just drag unsuspecting, wet-behind-the-ears, youngsters off the street and after 5 minutes of training on how to answer the phone are dropped into the deep end to read from a carefully prepared script that they refer to during a customer conversation. They have no clue on how to solve a problem; no clue on how to think outside the box; do not understand the concept of honesty and integrity; continually lie and hope the customer will go away and leave them alone.

    I have lost count of the amount of times I have had a ticket raised for technical back-office follow up with no one ever calling me back. So I call them again and ask why they continually lie to me and never call me. And what is the standard response I get from the script? Maybe they called you but your phone was switched off or busy. Morons!

    Subsequently, I try and speak to the CSR Manager or another senior management representative. But everyone is never available because they are hiding and leave the dirty work to the poor individuals manning the phones – individuals who are given no information from operations as to problems that exist.

    I have never experienced such frustration and anger in my life since I came to Indonesia, and particularly with Indosat. Indosat are simply the worst company I have ever had dealings with. An absolute disgrace! The people that hold power here have no respect for the general population. No desire to strive in Gods way to make things better for everyone. Just greed and ignorance. What a sad country this is.

    The best way forward is to expose these people for what they are. Class action anyone?


  17. bought the unlimited im2.

    worked great for 2weeks
    worked so so last week
    working very bad now..

    i didnt do the research, argh..


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