The plugged in Asian exec?

Conventional wisdom says that many C-level executives, if they are over 40, are usually not very net savvy. The results of this survey, if accurate, seem to go against that.

Asian bosses ‘most fearful’ about internet reputational risk

Web worries: Weber Shandwick report highlights fears

Three in four Asian executives believe the internet could pose a significant risk to their corporate reputation, a new report has revealed.

The research, conducted for Weber Shandwick by the Economist Intelligence Unit, highlights threats ranging from rogue employees, misdirected e-mails to confidential leaks.

Weber Shandwick commissioned the survey in “response to frequent questions” from corporate leaders concerned about how the internet could impact glonal corporate reputation.

The survey, “Risky Business: Reputations Online”, found that employee sabotage and misdirected e-mails are among executives’ greatest concerns.

via PublicAffairsAsia: The news, analysis, recruitment, events and intelligence network for public affairs and communications professionals in Asia.

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