Mana Rihanna-anna-anna?

Rihanna, the singer who singlehandedly became as annoying as Whitney Houston a few years ago with her Umbrella song, has cancelled her Jakarta visit for the second time.

This time the excuse is a spat with her boyfriend. Serious as love is there’s another matter of what would a professional do in situations like this? Mope over the breakup or get on with the show?

The first time Rihanna cancelled Jakarta was over a US Travel warning. Fair enough for Americans to be frightened by their own government (under Bush that time) and to heed its warnings. But , huffed one US EMbassy staffer in Jakarta, “The trouble was that Rihanna isn’t even a US citizen.” He’s right. She’s Barbadian.


Rihanna’s no show naturally does not endure him to her fan and one of them ent Unspun the following cartoon strip:

Rihanna cancels Jakarta concert for second time

The Jakarta Post | Tue, 02/10/2009 9:03 PM | Life

Rising pop star Rihanna canceled her concert in Jakarta for the second time on Tuesday following news of a violent row with her boyfriend.

“We regretfully announce that the concert has been canceled for the second time,” the spokesperson for the Jakarta concert sponsor-promoter, Anita Avianty, said as quoted by

Anita said the cancellation came after an incident that happened last week between Rihanna and boyfriend, singer Chris Brown.

The Associated Press reported earlier that on a night in which Brown was supposed to deliver a prime-time Grammy performance, he was instead being processed in a Los Angeles police station on a charge connected to an alleged assault on a woman reports have identified as his girlfriend Rihanna, the 20-year-old pop princess.

Brown was booked on a suspicion of making a criminal threat after he and an unidentified woman had an argument that escalated into a fight in a ritzy Los Angeles neighborhood, according to police; Rihanna and Brown pulled out of the Grammys hours before the Sunday telecast.

Anita said the cancellation was beyond the promoter’s control. However, she said, all paying customers would get a full refund plus Rp 200,000 worth of phone credit each from the main sponsor, GSM telecommunication service provider Axis.

Customers would also be given priority sales offer for a ticket to see the life performance of Jazon Mraz at the Axis Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival on March 7.

via Rihanna cancels Jakarta concert for second time | The Jakarta Post.

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