Now the US Ambassador to Indonesia blogs

US Ambassador Cameron Hume ha been a great supporter of Indonesian bloggers, especially during Pesta Blogger 2008, but he’s so far fought shy of being an actual blogger himself.

But Hillary Clinton’s visit has prompted the veteran diplomat to try his hand in posting.

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Secretary Clinton’s Successful Indonesia Visit
Posted by DipNote Bloggers on Feb 20, 2009 – 04:42 AM

Secretary Clinton in Jarkarta, Indonesia with children's choir February 19, 2009. [State Dept.]

About the Author: Cameron R. Hume serves as U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia.

This is the rainy season in Jakarta, and U.S. Secretary of State Clinton has just taken the city by storm. Fortunately, the rain held off until just after her plane had departed and she had completed a highly successful two-day visit .

The Secretary’s visit to Indonesia — the world’s third-largest democracy, the most populous Muslim majority country and an important developing Southeast Asian power — was significant. It was the new Secretary’s first overseas trip, and the U.S. Embassy and the people and Government of Indonesia were honored to host her.

Strategically, she choose to recognize the growing importance of Asia to the U.S. in the 21st Century by making her first official visit to this part of the world and…

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