PR in Bolehland

Unspun remembers asking one IPRA head of Malaysia (who was talking about a book they published extolling Dr Mahathir’s PR prowress – go figure) how anyone could possibly do serious PR in Malaysia if the country does not have a free press.

Well, apparently some people can make a living quite well off the Malaysian condition. Unspun thinks that you’d need to be as sly as a fox with connections to boot to make it there though.

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Troubled Fox?

Fox, the PR outfit led by former MSM top editors Wong Sulong and Brenden Pereira, could be running out of luck soon. One of their most lucrative “cows”, Sime Darby, has effectively terminated its contract, I was told.
That contract, according to Sime Darby Watch, was worth RM250,000 a month. I have asked my sources, who said it’s “slightly less” than that.
Fox still handles the various economic corridors initiated during the Abdullah Administration.
Fox was a work of magic and is probably the most financially succcesful PR outfits Malaysia has ever seen [over RM100 million billings during its short existence, according to a source, but I won’t bet too much money on it].
What’s clear is that the country’s PR industry will never be the same again after the Foxes slip and slide away after March.

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  1. Next job for PR in Malaysia … How to change a bad image of Najib as the “most dangerous man” in Malaysia and also in this region.

    Other countries, especially Indonesia, has to closely monitor this man to ensure the stability in this region because of his ambition to make Malay in Malaysia as the Leader and Champion of Malay World. Don’t forget that he will do everything to achieve his ambition above..

    Malaysia Boleh !!!


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