IM2 Rant: #1

Starting a series here as IM2 are either too uncaring or too dumb to spot an occasional posting about their bad service.

A friend of Unspun met with some IM2 directors today and she complained about how slow the service is. Their reply?

Yes they know that the service is slow but that’s because they have too many new customers. They also offered to waive her monthly fees because they know her.

Is this any way to serve customers? By screwing your already loyal customers in favor of acquiring new ones?

One thought on “IM2 Rant: #1

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  1. I am so angry with these guys. Did you receive the email they sent a couple of weeks ago saying that there were isolated areas of Jakarta where customers are having difficulty connecting? It was a perfect case study for what NOT to do: no indications that they are doing anything to fix the problem. I pay Rp 1 million a month for DIAL UP ACCESS. I want my f-ing money back! đŸ˜‰


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