Wither Indonesia’s Central Bank specified BCM standards?

In one of Unspun’s earlier lives he took an interest in Business Continuity Management (BCM), a system whereby a bunch of specialists sit down to work out how businesses could continue and survive in conditions where they are denied service of some sort or another, or if they face disasters or crisis-like situations.

One important area of BCM are the standards set in particular industries for the continuity of the businesses and the industry itself. As far as industries go banks are pretty important and having standards that they can adhere to will help the industry be more resilient to natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, electricity outages and a host of other threats.

So its good to see the Business Contunity Management Forum guys cimpile a wiki of Central Bank Specified standards. In that wiki are listed most of the ASEAN countries, but where’s Indonesia? Does this mean that Indonesia – a country sp prone to natural disasters – is bereft of BCM standards?

clipped from en.bcmpedia.org

Central Bank Specified

– Key Highlights: Guidelines for authorised deposit-taking institutions when implementing the Prudential Standard APS 232 business continuity management.

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