IM2 Rant #2: Why aren’t competitors moving?

You’d think that with thousands of their customers pissed off by their bad and slow connection on their HSDPA, competitors of IM2 would see an opportunity for the quick kill.

Here’s what Unspun would do if he was a telco and a competitor to IM2: Get one of my IT people to write a script for the Huawei E220 modem that IM2 uses so that it is compatible with thier SIM cards. Provide reliable, reasonably priced data services.

The only thing stopping IM2 customers from junking thier IM@ service is the investment they’ve made in purchasing the modem. If th modem can be used with other telco users they, like Unspun, would gleefully junk IM2 to repay them for the contempt they show to their customers.

If anyone has figured out a way to make a SIM card from another phone provider work with the Huawei E220 modem please let Unspun know. He, together with his blogger and offline network of friends will help spread the word so fast that IM2’s broadband will never be able to match them.

So what’s stopping competing telcos? Surely there’s a huge opportunity here to take market share from IM2?

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  1. Are you still under contract with IM2? If you’ve finished your contract term, they are obliged to unlock your modem so you can use other broadband services. Otherwise, just go to Mangga Dua and ask around. I’m pretty sure you’d find someone who can unlock your modem (for a fee, of course).

    As for other telcos, I think Telkomsel is gearing up for that market share battle. News from says that they’ve applied to buy another 5 MHz of bandwidth from the government for their broadband services.


  2. @sopjagung: still under contract but want to break it when I get the time. no point paying for something I can’t use these days. Besides I think IM2 broke their end of the bargain when they degraded the service speeds in pursuit of new clients.

    Will troop down to Mangga Dua to see if they can unlock it. [anyone knows who can do it please email me]. Thanks man.


  3. I heard, that the Huawei Modems are not Simlocked. It is just, that you can’t use the software with other simcards, then you get the message, that you can’t connect to the network.
    Basicly, if there is software from another Telco use that one, then you should be fine. Or you load the original software from Huawei.
    It seems like this problem is diskussed quiet often, so Google might have an answer as well. Friends of mine discussed that issue with their Macs in Germany and it seems to be the solution.
    Hope it helps!


  4. I have been facing the same thing with my IM2 as well. I still have around 6 months of contract. If you managed to find, please let me know in which corner of Mangga Dua you can unlock the modem.

    Will surely glad to dump this IM2 card.


  5. Why?

    Because international bandwidth is so expensive. And they dont have technical expertise on bandwidth management.

    It was wrong to advertise their speed at the first place. Its like buying at $10 and selling at $1.

    Perhaps their competitors dont want to take the same stupid mistake as im2. Perhaps their competitors prefer to leech im2’s bandwidth instead.


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