Bored of the usual talks? Pecha Kucha instead

When Nadine Freischlad came to the Maverick’s office a few weeks ago to share the insights she gained while conducting her thesis into Indonesian bloggers and their notions of identity, she also told us that she would like to organize a Pecha Kucha session in Jakarta.

“Pecha Kucha?” we asked. “What’s that”

She explained (see wikipedia entry on pecha kucha here) and we were fascinated, not least because we, like so many people in Jakarta are sooo bored by the usual tired old speakers peddaling their tired old Powerpoint  presentation decks from seminar to workshop to speaking engagement.

Pecha Kucha promises something different: around 12 speakers presenting at breakneck speed because they have only 20 slides and 20 seconds to present each slide. Speakers would talk about what they are passionate in and aren’t necessarily confined to one topic.

What Pecha Kucha promises, in short, is an eclectic event – a networking even if you are so inclined – where you are exposed to people and their passions and ideas that you would normally not be exposed to.

We were so enthusiastic that we decided there and then to help Nadine organize Jakarta’s first Pecha Kucha (Bandung’s way ahead – they have had one).

The Pecha Kucha will be held on March 10 at Es Teler 77 Resto on Jalan Adtiyawarman No.61, close to Recapital Building, Blok M /Kebayoran Baru.

Doors Open at 6:30pm, Event starts at 7pm. Entry is free of charge.

So far the lineup of speakers promises not to disappoint but hurry up if you want to get in because already about 270 people have become facebook fans and they’re probably turning up.

Further information on Pecha Kucha Jakarta is at:

Confirmed speakers at the very first Pecha Kucha Night Jakarta, on March 10th:


1. Nina Moran / Co-Founder of Go Girl Magazine: About the success story of Go Girl Mag

2. Hanny Kusumawati / Blogger: About the initiative Coin-a-Chance

3. Bri / Web Entrepreneur: About their work

4. Indro/Hanna / Perfomers: About Lembaga Warkop

5. Didit Majalolo: About Asosiasi Terbang Layang Gantung

6. Mirwan Suarso / TV Producer: About his project Jangan Bikin Malu 2009

7. Cipta Croft-Cusworth / Theme Park and Toy Designer: About his Toy Company Good Guys Never Win

8. Yoshi: About Bunga Matahari, Poetry Readings

9. Nila Tanzil / TV presenter and blogger: About a trip to Malaysia

10. Adi Purnomo / Architect, Author: About his work

11. Roderick des Tombes: About Eco Tourism and Pulau Macan

12. Dave Arnold / Filmmaker: About his Surf Documentary, Mengejar Ombak


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  1. Thanks for the write up Ong! Really looking forward to the event. Heard that you will be giving a little sambutan at the beginning which is a great idea! Appreciate your support very much!


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