Strange rumblings at English language paper?

Unspun‘s been at the receiving end of information regading a certain English language newspaper. Strange rumors of unhappy people wanting to leave after joining the paper for not too long…an senior local journalist with initials AP leaving… Other stranger rumors of either a fight of some sort of a violence involving a senior staffer at a hotel owned by the newspaper proprietor…

But the strangest involve the proprietor an his doings, or undoings…one involves a brewing dispute between the three largest shareholders at an Indonesian afternoon paper that is threatening to turn ugly…another involves purchases of small newspapers in Penang, Malaysia and another one in Myanmar, Juntaland. A senior expatriate editor will apparently, for his sins of ommission rather than commission, be sent to the boondocks in the land of Hokkien Mee to take care of the paper…

…all of this sound strange even to Unspun‘s ears but he’s been in Indonesia long enough to know that this is the land where the magic theatre of the absurd is very much a reality.

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