IM2 Rant: #2. What Spruiked has to say

More people pissed off at IM2. How do its directors go about pretending that they are Masters of the Universe when they are stiffing their customers everyday?

Is there no pride in them? What do the Indosat employees think of all this? Surely they must feel very ashamed by all this. Or can’t they be bothered?

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There is a storm raging across the nation, and it’s got nothing to do with the looming election. What’s it about? Indosat’s shocking, shocking, shocking abuse of its customers. Here’s a 20 second summary: Indosat launches a new product, 3.5G Internet access. Indosat over-subsubscribes to the point that the entire network collapses, leaving people like me paying 100 bucks a month for effectively dial-up Internet access.

Then a little birdy told me that only “unlimited plan” customers get shitty service. The unlimited plan is, as you can probably guess, a fixed price plan where you get unlimited traffic volume for a fixed monthly fee. By contrast, on the “limited plan” you pay by the kilobyte. I don’t know if this is true, but it makes good business sense to give your “limited plan” customers all the bandwidth they need. Sure, it’s borderline immoral, but why should that matter?

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