Poster Boy Ndoro

This has got to be one for Mirwan’s gallery of stoopid electoral on Janganbikinmalu.com2009 and I hope he brings it up when he presents at Pecha Kucha tonight. (None to subtle plug for Pecha Kucha night tonight: Starts at 7, lotsa fun but be there early.)

Ndoro Kakung, alias Wicaksono, a journalist who’s also one of the nation’s most popular bloggers has just found that he’s the unwitting endorser for an electoral candidate that he neither knows nor has heard of.

But the candidate must have been desperate or so enamored with Ndoro, who uses the caricature of a bedazed observer with a buzz cut, to include it in his electoral poster.

Would it win the candidate votes? Or would it give everyone a pecas ndahe instead?

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