Pecha Kucha off to a great start

There were more people than was expected, which was a good start to the first Pecha Kucha in Jakarta. There were 15 speakers and they fired the neurons with images and talks about anything from paragliding, election posters, architecture, photography, toy making, eco-tourism and a most deafening presentation from Adi Purnomo.

The best thing was that many people approached the organizers during the presentations and asked if they could host the next Pecha Kucha or replicate it in other cities. Even the Twitterians were full of praise. Clearly there’s an appetite out there for and eclectic mix of new ideas.

You get the feeling that something is being started here. Congrats to Nadine, Dian, Sharon and the others who helped get this show on the road. Here are some photos from the event to share with you:

clipped from


March 11, 2009

With about 150 guests and 15 exceptional speakers, the first Pecha Kucha Night Jakarta was surely all we could have hoped for!

We thank everyone for coming and supporting us in making it happen. We hope you enjoyed our wild mix of topics and that you could get a feeling for what Pecha Kucha is all about.

Watch out for some media coverage within the next days ;-)

Also, we will be posting some photos soon. And for sure, all presentations of PKJ01 will be made available right here. We are currently editing the sound files and images. Upload of the clips will occur over the next few days, in the same order as the line-up.

Hope to see you again next time!

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