PR with teeth

Wonder how PR firms sink their teeth into plum accounts?

Here, apparently, is one way.

Now, how does Fox Communications in Malaysia do it?

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Pakar Media boss resigns
by Asiya Bakht
16-Mar-09, 11:42
KUALA LUMPUR – The head of the Malaysian media agency at the centre of corruption allegations involving the former director-general of Tourism Malaysia has resigned.
Mirza Mohamed Tariq Beg, managing director of Perunding Pakar Media, a local media agency in which Carat has a 30 per cent stake, confirmed he was leaving the agency but refused to give any details.
Pakar Media hit the headlines last year amid accusations that it had sponsored expensive dental treatments for the director-general of its client, Tourism Malaysia. The director-general at the time was Datuk Mirza Mohammad Taiyab, Mirza Mohammad’s brother.
Datuk Mirza Mohammad Taiyab has been charged by the Anti-Corruption Agency with accepting dental treatment from Pakar Media.
The court case against Datuk Mirza and Pakar Media is in progress and the charges against both have yet to be proven. Carat Malaysia could not be reached for comment.
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