Building your brand? Try PR instead

This is something that PR practitioners have always known but the Advertising-Media Complex has consistently tried to cover up – that PR can build brand value more effectively than advertising.

This is especially so in an age of enhanced skepticism, the TV remote and oversaturation of competing advertizing and the all-too-transparent Web.

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PR can do more to advance brand value than advertising, according to a survey of the “Top 100 Global Brands” released this week.

The Text 100 survey evaluated the media prominence of top brands and found that public relations may be more important than advertising to brand value, especially for companies that sell feature-rich or complicated products such as consumer electronics, financial services and automobiles.
The findings of the Media Prominence Study show that on average 27 per cent of brand value is tied to how often the brand name appears in the press.
In industries that involve more research before purchases are made, public relations can account for nearly half of brand value.
In the computing industry, media prominence accounted for 47 per cent of brand value, or 16 times that of the personal care industry.
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