The Circle Game

Things seem to be going full circle in neighboring Malaysia with the dynamic duo Mahathir and Daim making a comeback of sorts.

But what Unspun found really interesting is the last two sentences in this posting by Rocky. If true it will be a great journey from Old Media to New Media and back again. A kind of Return of the Prodigal Son 2.0

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Resolution on Dr M, Daim at next week’s assembly

Mahathirism & Daimension. Delegates from Kelantan to the UMNO General Assembly next week may table a resolution for the party to appoint Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as UMNO Adviser and Tun Daim Zainuddin as the National Economic Advisor to help us weather the global economic meltdown.

Read this article written for NST h e r e.

[If you don’t remember reading it in the paper, please don’t panic. Because the editors decided NOT to publish it! I was told it didn’t even reach the desk of the Group Editor…]

There’s also talk raging in blogosphere that Tan Sri Sanusi Junid may be back as National Security Adviser after the assembly! But then there have been a lot of commenters saying that this blogger will definitely be made editorial supremo at the NSTP! How sweet …
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