Chick on Child Sex Tourism and Women’s Exploitation

Compatriot Michael Chick, an occasional commentator on this blog, was recently in Bali for the Convention on Child Sex Tourism and talked about his work, which has had him traveling around this region for at least the past one-and-a-half years shooting film– sometimes at danger to himself — about sexual exploitation to the Bali media.Unspun’ll try to upload a videocast interview with him sometime over the next two weeks.
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VIVAnews – Ada 60 kasus eksploitasi seksual komersil anak (ESKA) yang tak pernah terungkap di media difilmkan. Ini diangkat seorang produser film asal Singapura, Michael Chick saat menggelar jumpa pers di Sanur, Kamis, 19 Maret 2009.
Film berdurasi 2 jam ini mengangkat cerita di kawasan Asia Tenggara yang dianggap telah mewakili peristiwa di dunia. “Saya tidak membedakan kasus yang terjadi di Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam juga terjadi di belahan dunia lain,” kata Michael.
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