Malaysia frightened off N.E.R.D. from coming to Indonesia?

If Ryan’s posting is right, then the Malaysian Government has given yet another reason for Indonesians to be pissed off at them. According to Ryan N.E.R.D. has canceled thier Indonesian visit because of their bad experience with the Malaysians.

The group were apparently denied entry into Malaysia because the Malaysian authorities did not care too much about how they dressed.

Malaysia Boleh does it again!

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N*E*R*D Batal Tampil di Jakarta

originally posted by Nirmala R. Hapsari –

N*E*R*D (No one Ever Really Dies) batal tampil di Jakarta karena para anggota takut untuk hadir di Indonesia karena pengalaman buruk yang dialami para anggota grup tersebut di Malaysia.

Promotor di Malaysia telah dua kali meminta izin kepada pihak otoritas Malaysia, namun ditolak karena penampilan grup tersebut dianggap tidak sesuai dengan tata karma kesopanan yang digariskan oleh pihak otoritas Malaysia, sama seperti penyanyi Beyonce yang tidak bersedia merubah busananya yang dianggap sensual.

Meskipun N*E*R*D dianggap tidak pantas, grup tersebut tetap diperbolehkan untuk memasuki negara Kerajaan Malaysia. Anehnya, saat N*E*R*D tampil di Sunburst Music Festival, tidak satupun otoritas negara Kerajaan Malaysia, dalam hal ini pihak imigrasi maupun polisi, melarang grup tersebut untuk manggung di atas pentas
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  1. I was surprised to read about Malaysia in your blog. Sorry to hear that N.E.R.D cancelled their trip to Indonesia because of their bad experience in Malaysia.


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