Iman chairman for Pesta Blogger 2009

After listening to what the blogosphere, as well as Twitters and Plurkers, have to say about who should lead the pack in Pesta Blogger 2009 the outgoing chairman Ndoro Kakung has tapped Iman Brotoseno to take on the mantle.

Iman, who blogs about politics, diving and filmmaking among other subjects, has been a quiet force in the Indonesian blogosphere. Less omnipresent as Enda (Pesta Blogger 2007 chairman) and Ndoro, Iman has nonetheless been attracting a steady stream of readers and commentators in his blogs. Iman was also responsible for organizing the photo contest at Pesta Blogger 2008.

As what is now tradition with Pesta Blogger, Iman will over the next few weeks appoint his team for the Pesta Blogger  2009 Committee with the former chairman serving as ex-officio members and advisors.

The thinking so far this year is to have more representation from the blogging communities throughout Indonesia and also to get more women bloggers involved. Who knows, next year’s manusia kursi could (and should) be a woman.

Expect Iman to seek opinions from bloggers and announcing his decisions soon in the Pesta Blogger website.

Congrats Iman, who’s known to Unspun more as the Sifu of Bijiology than anything else. What’s that? Ask Iman.

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Ini Dia Manusia Kursi Pesta Blogger 2009
Waktu berlalu secepat roket mengangkasa. Detik berganti menit, menit jadi jam, hari, pekan, dan bulan. Gerimis menjadi hujan, berubah rintik-rintik, lalu reda kembali. Tak terasa lima purnama telah berlalu sejak Pesta Blogger terakhir di gedung BPPT, Jakarta Pusat, November 2008. Hidup jalan terus, dan kini saatnya kita melangkah ke depan.

Langkah pertama tentu saja mengumumkan siapa Manusia Kursi Pesta Blogger 2009. Setelah mengangkat isu ini dalam tret microblogging Plurk, Twitter, juga Facebook, beberapa waktu yang lalu, mendengar komentar-komentar dari teman-teman, berdiskusi dengan tim Pesta Blogger 2008, serta masukan dari kanan dan kiri, pilihan telah mengerucut ke — the one and only — Iman Brotoseno.

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  1. mas Iman,

    gimana peasta blogger 2009 yg jatuh di 24 oktober 2009.

    saya berminat untuk melamar diadakan di Citywalk Sudirman.

    mari kita diskusi sambil ngupi kapan?

    pls contant di email or via hp mas di 081513155101

    sahala panjaitan
    brand & promo mgr
    citywalk sudirman


  2. @sahala: Thanks for the offer. Much appreciated and Hanny’s already conveyed your offer to Iman for consideration. I think you’ll be contacted shortly.


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