Spatial planning exists in Jakarta?

This is fascinating news. No, not the one about the city having big plans for Kemang but the fact that they have a spatial planning agency in the first place.

If Unspun was still a reporter he would certainly want to ask Pak Wiriyatmoko what has his agency actually accomplished so far. Where is the evidence that there is any spatial planning at all in Jakarta? Where are the parks, the pedestrian walkways, the public spaces that are so vital in making modern cities homes to urban dwellers?

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City has big plans in store for Kemang

The Jakarta Post ,  JAKARTA   |  Wed, 03/25/2009 9:47 AM  |  Headlines

Kemang in South Jakarta will be transformed into a modern kampung without high-rise buildings, the head of the city’s spatial planning agency announced Tuesday.

Wiriyatmoko said Kemang would be developed like Kuta in Bali, where sidewalk cafes, boutiques and homey restaurants lay side by side on a long street.

During the 1980s, Kemang was a quiet residential area, but metamorphosed into commercial hub, with dozens of restaurants and bars squeezed into the area, hounded by hordes of customers and their vehicles crowding the streets.

The area now has some 60 cafes and restaurants, and several hotels.

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