Prabowo on why he’s engaging bloggers

Whatever you may think of the man’s politics, human rights record or temperament, Presidential Candidate and Gerindra boss Prabowo seems to have taken his online initiatives seriously. His Facebook page, for instance, has more than 16,000 fans and he has a plethora of sites listed on it:

He’d got a team on Facebook and has asked bloggers for a meet up tomorrow. Through his e-minders Prabowo speaks to Maverick Network on his party’s internet strategy, budgetary allocations for online campaign efforts (2% but how large is the pie for this seemingly well-funded political party) and why he’s engaging bloggers.

Hmmm. Perhaps Prabowo could give a few pointers to incoming Malaysian Premier Najib Abdul Razak on how to engage bloggers etc on the net. They would get on like a house on fire. Both men love military stuff, weapons, explosives….

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March 30, 2009

Prabowo Alokasikan 2% Dana Kampanye untuk Ranah Online

by: Hanny
Seorang kawan (yang dalam kesempatan ini memilih untuk tidak mengungkapkan identitasnya di depan publik), menginformasikan kepada kami bahwa ia tengah bekerja bersama tim kampanye online capres dari Partai Gerindra, Prabowo Subianto.
Selain menangani segala hal yang berhubungan dengan Facebook Page resmi Prabowo, tim ini juga mengorganisasi pertemuan antara Prabowo dan blogger besok malam, sekitar pukul 8, di Amigos, Belagio, Kuningan. Pertemuan ini sendiri dinamakan “Ngariung Blogger dan Sahabat FbPS (Facebook Prabowo Subianto) bersama Prabowo Subianto”.… Read more…

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2 thoughts on “Prabowo on why he’s engaging bloggers

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  1. OHC,

    This man is serious about winning. He’s making all the right moves, taking a leaf out of Obama’s campaign and all that.

    I’m in KL but had a newsflash on my Indo mobile earlier this a.m.: “At least 70,000 Gerindra Party members at Senayan area, thousands more marching from HI roundabout and Semanggi area. Severe traffic congestion.” Whoa…

    Najib and P.S.? A volatile mix for sure…


    1. @Mat Salo: For all his faults Prabowo, from reports I’ve received, is a much more focused man than, say Jusuf Kalla. He addresses issues, is able to rationalize and explain issues and is able to think strategically, probably because of his military training. He woudl probably come across more coherent and cogent than Najib.

      His morals and actions in the past are another thing all together.


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