How to moneti$e your video?

Unspun, together with better people such as Nukman, Enda, ImanNdoro and others have been invited to a dinner  with Steven Starr, one of the key figures behind Revver, a videocast site that shares its revenue with its creators and one of the few good examples of how people can monetize the web.

According to Wikipedia:

In 2006, Revver was awarded the Most Influential Independent Website by Television Week, nominated for an Advanced Technology Emmy Award, and honored as one of the 100 most promising startups by Red Herring. In 2007, Revver announced it had paid out its first million dollars to online creators and syndicators. In February 2008, Revver was sold to LiveUniverse.

The dinner is put on by the good folks at the US Embassy who hav been displaying a lot of Net Savvy these days besides being the the major sponsor of Pesta Blogger last year, they’ve had Ambassador Hume and three of his staff blogging about Hilary Clinton’s Visit on Dipnote, the US State Department’s blog; the use of YouTube to promote diversity visa lottery, Idul Fitri greetings, and having a Facebook fan page, among other things.

So it should be an interesting night and who knows, some of the people attending may be as rich as that Gates chap one of these days.

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