The Prabowo thing

Tree can be pretty incisive, entertaining and a pretty good read when he focuses his attention on the more “serious” things in life rather than his Adrian Mole rantings and monologues about his life, dog and multifarious girlfriends present and exes.

Good to see the Tree getting back to stride and lending an intelligent voice to what shapes Indonesian politics.

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I went to a Prabowo thing the other day – not sure exactly what to call them events where a candidate is comfortably planted in a comfortable environment to practice his preach. For the Indonesia challenged, Mr. Prabowo Soebianto is the hottest name on the ticket. If the man were a football team, he would’ve been Chelsea, drenched in Red.
This is not the first time I met the Mr. Prabowo, indeed, I have quite the experience of having known the man for a number of years. He was still a proper general when he came to my wedding, just before the whole court martial thing. These days he put on weight and looked more the billionaire that he is than the general that he was. He lost his stars just as he had attained them in the first place: very quickly. A rising star among the elites, Prabowo came from a line of reputable pedigree and huge expectations.
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