Air Asia continues to suck: The passengers strike back

When all else fails, and Air Asia forces them to wait for their flight like they would wait for Godot,  this group of passengers decided to take matter into their own hands and hold the crew hostage.

A bit of a drastic measure but not a bad strategy if you meet an airline whose service sucks. Perhaps other passengers should learn from the group in Jakarta.

(via Kompas and Aulia at Plis Deh Jakarta)


5 thoughts on “Air Asia continues to suck: The passengers strike back

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  1. O abused passengers, I salute thee.

    Serves AirAsia right. These companies/businesses think they can get away with such crap. Just because they offer relatively more affordable fares, they think people are less tempted to complain when things do not go/work as they should. They’re utterly mistaken. Cornered and pushed enough, the customers will take matters into their own hands.

    AirAsia and other businesses with service that sucks can suck poo through a straw.


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