Losing Face

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Update: PDI-P has reported the Say No to mega Facebook Page to the police. Check out the link here. All this is going to drive a lot of traffic to the Facebook page…. Forgive them Father Sukarno…they know what they do. ROFL

Now let’s see how the new media strategists of our revered political leaders deal with dissent and protest on the Net.

Will they be part of the Conversation or will they remain clueless of the Web’s potential to help or harm, probably not for this round of elections but almost certainly for the next.

Megawati, Prabowo suffer setbacks at Facebook

The Jakarta Post , Jakarta | Mon, 04/06/2009 10:09 AM | Election 2009

As the campaigning period enters a cooling off, presidential hopefuls Megawati Soekarnoputri and Prabowo Subianto suffer from a black campaign through the internet, via social networking site facebook.com.

Tempointeraktif.com reported that one account at Facebook titled “Say ‘No!!!’ to Megawati” has attracted 64,188 supporters as of Monday morning.

“Just want to express my aspiration that she is the former president that I don’t want to lead this beloved Indonesia once more,” said the creator of the account. “Forgive me if there are people who feel offended. Peace.”

Similar account is also created to stop Prabowo, titled “Say No To Prabowo.” Nevertheless, it has only 751 supporters.

On the other hand, one Facebook account supports incumbent Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, titled “Say Yes to SBY”, with 5,185 supporters.

“I don’t say that SBY is the most perfect, but among the existing presidential candidates, and also considering SBY’s performance thus far, SBY is the most acceptable,” said the creator of the account.

via Megawati, Prabowo suffer setbacks at Facebook | The Jakarta Post.

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  1. and the member of prabowo’s facebook fan page is like 22,000 sumthin’. it baffled me. lots of negative comments about him on the Net, but I think he has lots of supporters as well.


  2. Does anyone know the basis of her Police complaint? I would love to know the details. Stupid cow! 😉

    Shit, now I could get reported. Bugger!


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