Ed Wray, Photographer

Photographer Ed Wray has been one of the more friendly and down-to-earth member of the Jakarta Foreign Correspondent’s Club for years. He worked for AP but recently decided to quit and go it alone as a freelancer. He will be based in Indonesia for this new venture.

He’s also set up a website to showcase his work. Unspun‘s been there and have found the photos at times prosaic, trenchant and/or evocative. His portfolio includes shots he took as East Timor descends into chaos, the Nepali elections and Pakistan after Bhutto. He also has a series on the natural world in contrast to the doings of humans.

Here’s a photo of Kandahar Gate that Ed sent Unspun because all the photos on his site are in Flash and damn hard to copy. Enjoy and visit his site and good luck in freelancing Ed.

Kandahar Gate by Ed Wray

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