Air Asia lagi

Just checked in at Soekarno-Hatta and got into the Purah Indah Business Lounge. Receptionist asks which flight. I say Air Asiam

Oh, she says. You have to look out for yourselves when the plane boards as they don’t provide calls for Air Asia flights.

Why, I ask.

Receptionist tells me that Air Asia refuses to inform the lounge of boarding calls, delays etc. “Even when we ask them, they do not want to cooperate.”

Must be another cost cutting move by Air Asia for the benefit of passengers

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  1. I don’t use Air Asia but the story doesn’t sound right to me. It’s only far to check with AA before we start whacking the airline. Let me reiterate, I am not a fan of Air Asia.


    1. @Bayi: AirAsia, if it is as it claims one of the world’s best LCCs, should be monitoring what’s being said about it in the new media and it should be responding to any misinformation, don’t you think?


  2. The guys running Air Asia in Jakarta are poorly handling the closure oh CGK-BTH and CGK-PDG route come August 19th, 2009 (just before the start of Ramadhan, which is the busiest travel season of the year) by only offering full refund to the hapless passengers who bought their tickets quite a while ago which may not see their money for the next couple of months…This is not only a breach of Air Asia’s own itinerary which is a ‘contract for carriage,’ but also violates several articles in the Indonesian Customer Protection Act and that constitutes a criminal offense and to boot, it si in conflict with the Regulation of the Ministry of Transportation which may be enough reason to get their license revoked…So far, customer complaints are only met with dead silence from Air Asia…


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