Model Nation #3: Who banned Mother’s entry into Malaysia?

Today’s Indonesian newspapers report that the mother of Indonesian model Manohara Odelia Pinot was denied entry to Malaysia. The Jakarta Globe today reported that the entry ban for Manohara’s mother, Daisy Fajarina, has been rescinded.

Here’s the Globe’ report:

‘My Manohara Is Irreplaceable,’ Mother Pleads

Daisy Fajarina, the mother of a missing 17-year-old Indonesian-American model married to a Malaysian prince, says her son-in-law’s family offered her a million-dollar apartment if she would cut all contact with her daughter, Manohara Odelia Pinot.

“Even if they offer me the world, I cannot accept it, Manohara is irreplaceable,” she said, choking back tears. “I just want them to give back my daughter.”

Speaking at a packed news conference at the National Commission on Violence Against Women, the distraught woman, who later fainted, repeated claims that her daughter was kidnapped by her husband and spirited away by private jet from Saudi Arabia on Feb. 26. She claims Malaysian authorities have stopped her visiting the country to check on her daughter’s condition.

Late on Thursday, the Web site reported that this ban had been lifted. “The order has been rescinded. We have informed the Indonesian Embassy. Our embassy in Jakarta has also informed the authorities there,” an official told the site.

The alleged kidnapping occurred after the prince’s family,  Manohara, her mother and sister went to Saudi Arabia for Islam’s minor pilgrimage, or umroh. As both families were preparing to return to Malaysia from Jeddah, Manohara’s relatives were left on the tarmac as the jet took off.
The case has threatened to become a diplomatic incident.

In Indonesia, Manohara’s fate has consumed readers of tabloid newspapers, TV, Web sites and blogs, making the relatively unknown beauty a household name.

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That’s all fine and well but makes you wonder who’s running the country in Malaysia. This seems to be a family spat between Manohara’s family and the Kelantan royalty, but the royals have the power to deny Daisy’s entry into Malaysia? Who issued the order and who complied? And who orderd the ban to be rescinded?

Could it have been done through the good graces of new Malaysian PM Najib Tun Razak who’s known to have a soft spot for foreign models?

In the meantime, the Indonesian media is overheating with the gossipy news that involves royalty, celebrity, models and a whiff of scandal. Here’s the video of a SCTV program on Manohara sent to Unspun by a friend (thanks MC):

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6 thoughts on “Model Nation #3: Who banned Mother’s entry into Malaysia?

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  1. These are the so called Malaysian “untouchables” and it includes other VVIP politicians also. There have been numerous reported & unreported cases involving these “untouchables”. eg. there is this former minister raba-raba a woman at a hotel in K.L. last year.
    Foreign models & beauties beware, don’t say I didn’t warn you!


  2. 1. Is Pakatan Rakyat really desperate so much so that they have to link this family feud to Najib?

    2. What a pathetic attempt.

    3. Various websites have shown pictures of her highness in a jovial and happy mood with her loving hubby.

    4. Read MalaysiaKini yesterday and you will know that it was NOT najib who barred the mother from coming to Malaysia.

    5. Next time please get your fact straight


    1. @Fatimah:
      1. Is there a Pakatan Rakyat agent under every bed? Unspun is too skeptical to be a Pakatan Rakyat member so please bear in mind that there are among critical people others than Pakatan Rakyat.

      3. If you plumb the Net deep enough you can get photos and websites showing the most unlike of things. You might even get photos of Mahathir and Anwar being bosom buddies.

      4. Never suggested that Najib ordered the ban. The only suggestion here is that Najib might help lift the ban since the good mother has appealed to the good PM. But re-reading my post Unspun thinks its mostly his own fault for a sentence that could be interpreted as Najib ordering the ban. The intent there was to say could it be that the lifting of the bank was through Najib’s good graces. Thanks for pointing this out.


  3. I think, no matter how massive our media bombard them, malaysian media will not serve that as a threat, as they are fully ”run” and protected by the government.
    Let’s get it straight instead. Let the parents visit the daughter, and see what is really goin on.
    This is not the first time indonesia is being humiliated, and overlooked, and surely, this is not going to be the last.


  4. To the Malaysia people, wake up! and wake your government up! This is an insult to your race and religion. Bravo to the Singapore Police Force and the Law! Malaysian are rich in corrupted officials and scumbags of Princes! I pity the poor in Malaysia coz they are going in nowhere in their life because of the weakness and slowness of the goverment. The unjust law makes it more difficult in situation of the young Manohara. I hope in my heart that justice will be done and it is a waste of time to point fingers
    at anyone. Yes i agree that the new Malaysian Prime Minister should have look into the matter of the mother being barred from entering Malaysia. Noauthorities help the girl’s plight or the mother’s pleas. The Indonesian Diplomat in Malaysia should be exiled!


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