PR in Indonesia affected by financial crisis?

So say some PR practitioners quoted by Bisnis Indonesia today.

This is a strange report as our experience is that there’s been no let up of PR work and assignments from our clients.

In Maverick Network The Alter Ego speculated that the different experience may be because some PR firms experience a downturn in such times because they take on clients who aren’t serious about their PR. PR firms that focus on acquiring clients who are serious about their PR, however, are still doing well as such clients will continue to spend their way in in a recession because they know the worth of communications.

What about other PR firms? Are they thriving or languishing?

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Bisnis PR Menurun? Siapa Bilang?

Maaf, tapi kami tak sependapat. Bisnis kami lancar-lancar saja. Tapi kenapa perusahaan-perusahaan PR yang dikutip dalam artikel Bisnis Indonesia edisi 28 April 2009 itu punya pengalaman sangat berbeda dengan Maverick?

Jawabannya adalah, karena kami teliti dalam memilih klien yang cocok untuk diajak bekerjasama. Strategi ini terbukti berhasil, dan klien kami tak mengurangi pengeluaran PR mereka.

Kami percaya bahwa bagi perusahaan PR, memilih klien yang tepat sama pentingnya dengan memberikan layanan yang berkualitas.

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