Model Nation #9: Lawyer accuses royals of lying

Reader QKGS has alerted Unspun of this latest development. It now seems that the issue will not go away easily.

Unspun is reminded of what he keeps telling clients about crises: it starts off as an incident. If the incident is handled wall it goes away, if not it turns into an emergency. If emergencies are handled well they go away but if emergencies get out of control you have a crisis in your hands.

This issues doesn’t look like its dying down.

clipped from
Pengacara Daisy: Kerajaan Kelantan Coba untuk Berbohong

Irwan Nugroho – detikNews

Kuasa hukum Ibunda Manohara Odelia Pinot, Daisy Fajarina menilai Kerajaan Kelantan, Malaysia mencoba untuk berbohong dalam kasus penculikan terhadap model cantik 17 tahun tersebut. Tudingan Daisy salah paham atas insiden usai umroh pun dibantah.

Kuasa hukum Daisy, Yuri Andre Darmas menegaskan, Daisy termasuk dalam passanger manifest jet pribadi yang membawa putrinya itu kembali ke Kerajaan Kelantan. “Di passanger manifest ada namanya (Daisy), dia masuk dalam daftar penumpang di pesawat itu,” kata Yuri Andre Darmas, kepada detikcom, Rabu (29/4/2009).
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