Foxy Obama-style New media campaign for SBY

What’s with the name Fox and politicians? When Malaysian politicians wanted some help with their communications they turned to a company called Fox Communications (that was set up by some ex-journalists under the patronage of other ex-journalists).

Now, with the Indonesian Presidential elections around the corner, SBY has turned to Fox Indonesia. The mission of this Fox is to wage an Obama style campaign on the Net for SBY.

Like the Malaysian Fox, thie Indonesian variety is also closely related to politicians. Fox is run by Choel Mallarangeng, brother of Andi, the presidential spokesman.

Let’ hope the Indonesian Fox would outlast the Malaysian one since, Unspun hears, the latter hasn’t been doing quite well since its patron got booted of the power elite after Badawi stepped down as Malaysian premier.

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Mantan Redaktur Vivanews Perkuat Fox Indonesia

May 7, 2009 – This post is filed under Comings & Goings in the Media, Indonesian, Journalists, Social Media
Oleh: Hanny

nenden_novianti1Per 1 Mei 2009 ini, Nenden Novianti, redaktur junior untuk kanal dunia (international issues) di Vivanews, hijrah untuk bergabung dengan tim kampanye digital Partai Demokrat dan SBY di  Fox IndonesiaBaru-baru ini, konsultan komunikasi politik tersebut meluncurkan situs—yang dinilai sangat mirip dengan situs kampanye Obama.

“Memang situs tersebut terinspirasi dari situs kampanye digital Obama,” kata Nenden. “Saya sendiri memang tidak terlibat dari segi desainnya; karena baru bergabung ketika situs tersebut sudah jadi. Saya baru bergabung ketika sudah mulai pembuatan konten.”

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2 thoughts on “Foxy Obama-style New media campaign for SBY

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  1. This folks are paid to come up with something good and this is the best they can offer to the SBY camp?

    Copying other people’s design is a bad idea.
    First, if the site worked, it’s hard to be proud of it because you cannot really call it your own.
    Second, it undermines the campaign to portray SBY as a leader.
    Leaders lead, not follow (ing Obama).

    Imagine if the next time SBY meets Obama, Obama says:
    “dude, what’s up with you copying my template?”


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