When a Twitterer becomes a Twit

Twitter is the flavor of the day and everyone, it seems, is getting into it.

Indonesian companies and individuals are no exception. Even the traditional media has entered into the Twitterverse and it is interesting to see the strategies, or lack of, they adopt in this very 2,0 or the Web 2.0 medium of micro-blogging.

The Jakarta Globe seems to do it well, with periodic Tweets alerting the Indonesian Twitterverse to important developing stories and links to them. Unspun remembers them experimenting with live Tweets from football matches but that seems to have disappeared into the ether.

The emincence primus of Indonesian Twitterverse, Aulia, also thinks that Breaking News does it well. Unspun‘s begun subscribing to them and too early to tell, but so far so good.

Not every media house does it well, however, and in a recent act of charity Unspun reciprocated Viva News‘ follow on Twitter. Big Mistake! In the tradition of no good deed ever going unpinished, Unspun was beseiged with spates of Tweet Blasts several times a day from Viva.

Irked by the Twittering diahhrea, Unspun‘s asked in Twitter, with trademark typos, if other Tweeps thought Viva News’s Tweets were useful and informative or annoying. Almost all who responded werte unanimous: “annoying.”

Twit Tweets

There is a lesson to be learned here and that is that Old Media habits of marketing a product or service doesn’t work in New Media. The last thing anyone wants is some impersonal RSS feed crowding your Twitterzone with irelevant information that you can’t respond to. (Technically, Viva News can response to all the adverse comments but let’s see how long it will take before they realise that they were not part of this Conversation).

So what should one do? The ever popular and omnipresent Enda Nasution (the Dr Manhattan of Indonesia’s Twitter and Blogging Universes?)  poffered this link as advice. Perhaps Viva News, which is ironically an online news portal, should bo back to school and learn the new rules of marketing?

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    1. @David: Thanks for the visit and I just wanted you to know that I enjoyed The New Rules of Marketing and PR and use it a lot. Maybe you should pay us a visit and be a guest speaker at Pesta Blogger?


  1. Have there been any football matches of note to Tweet in recent memory?

    Of course, it’s probably hard to do much of anything Web-based at Gelora Bung Karno when the people running the stadium forget to pay their wireless bill….


  2. Hi, nice informative blog, however I can’t help but notice a substantial amounts of grammatical and spelling errors. My suggestion is: brush up on your English language skills or stick to your mother tongue, which most of your readers will better understand.

    U may start with this
    Please feel free to leave your comments in Indonesian, malay or English. I write in English because my commend of other languages is wanting. So my fault, not yours. Most readers of this blog know two or more languages so fire away.


    1. @Wina: Mea Culpa and thanks for the wake up call. Typos have always been a problem for me because I tend to write fast and then lack the discipline or patience to go through the copy. During my journo days I had copywriters to save his bacon but not now. So will try to be more diligent in the future.


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