Indonesia leads world in new Facebook users

Unspun just met a client who knows enough to believe that they should use New Media to connect with their customers, but do not know enough about the New Media landscape in Indonesia to convince their bosses that this is the way to go.

The story from CNN below should give them some ammo to tell their bosses that , in spite of Indonesia’s low penetration rate, there is enough numbers and fast growth in social networks, to merit them seriously considering New Media as a channel of communicating with their audiences/markets.

alerted to the news from Dhitri‘s Tweet

clipped from
Social networking gaining more ‘friends’ in Southeast Asia
JAKARTA, Indonesia (CNN) — A few nights ago Yulinar (full name withheld), a 23-year-old insurance agent in Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta, was in bed doing her usual ritual before falling asleep: updating her Facebook status and checking her friends’ updates.
Facebook, the popular social networking site that’s well established in developing countries like the U.S., where it started about five years ago, is now getting its fastest growth rates in developing countries.

During a recent three-month period, Indonesia led the world in new Facebook users among countries with at least a million users, growing by about 120 percent, according to Ben Lorica, a San Francisco-based senior analyst in the research group at O’Reilly Media.

Coming in at No. 2 was the Philippines.

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  1. Melihat perkembangan teknologi informasi dan telekomunikasi khususnya Facebook, ada banyak pergeseran dan perubahan cara kita berkomunikasi. Kemunculan dan perkembangan internet terus bergerak cepat seiring waktu, dunia virtual menjadi sarana komunikasi yang sangat mempermudah aktivitas kita. Tulisan berusaha melihat lebih dalam dari sisi psikologis khususnya perlilaku pengguna salah satu situs jejaring sosial yang sangat terkenal, Facebook. Selamat mebaca, feedback dari anda kami terima dengan hangat, terimakasih sebelumnya.


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