How to tell voters you don’t have your act together

Unspun supposes we all have to blame Oprah Winfrey. When she started Twittering, then it must be good for the masses and everyone should somehow Tweet as well.

Perhaps it is for this reason, but maybe also because some young entrepreneurs saw a chance to milk the Indonesian Presidential candidates for some easy money, the candidates had taken to Twittering.

Over the weekend many Indonesian Twitterers were surprised to receive a “follow” from Megawati and Prabowo. Many readers reacted with surprise that the Dynamic Duo was following them. Some were flattered, others were vehement in shooing them away. The rest felt in between where sentiments were concerned.Megapro twits

Unspun, even though he can’t vote, received a follow too and, ever polite person that he is, returned the courtesy. Then his innate curiousity drove him to the Twitter home page of Megapro. There he encountered a strange message:


Ever obedient Unspun went to Megabowo and saw:

megabowoWanting to know more, Unspun then clicked on the link to the Web page of the account holder and goess what he found?

Prabowo’s Facebook page.

So what does this all say about the communications efforts of the Megapro/bowo team?

1. That they don’t have their act together

2. That Prabowo or his team is behind the New Media efforts and mega is still probably struggling with how to send a SMS. Notice that the photo in both the Twitter accounts are of Prabowo’s face, not Mega and Prabowo’s, not much of an assurance of unity here. Someone also said that initially Prabowo’s backdrop was of the PDIP red-white color but today its been changed to Gerindra red.

3. That Prabowo seems to be in the driver’s seat so if by a long shot the duo are elected into office, we’ll know who wears the pants in that relationship. Hint: its below XXXL.

4. That Prabowo’s team was hasty and impulsive. Otherwise why go with Megapro and then change it to Megabowo in a matter of hours. If they can’t think through the name thay want to use as a handle for their partnership, what other things can’t they think through?

Seriously though, why would anyone vote for this team, given that they can’t even get their act together even on Twitter, let alone the more important affairs of state?

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  1. What they did was basically renamed their @megapro account to @megabowo and created a new account for @megapro so people don’t get a picture of a passed out bird when clicking on a link to @megapro.

    This however prevents Honda for using the @megapro account if they wish.

    I also noticed that within hours of creating the account, it had followed 1000 people and had less than 100 followers.

    Despite the name, I do believe this is part of an early effort to push the man for 2014 instead of 2009. He seems to be trying to amass a positive reputation as someone who reaches out to constituents no matter where they are and being someone who understands progress.

    However, if you go to their campaign site, it’s a jumble of mess. Check out tweets from @thomasarie and myself earlier today.

    Don’t know if I can leave links here.


  2. and yet, most people that master Twitter will most likely fail at the affairs of the state.

    I am wondering really, if technology proficiency should be made a presidential criteria.


  3. Prabowo’s FB Page also converted campaigning for Mega-Prabowo. Maybe bcoz Mega doesn’t have a good reputation on FB.


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