How much should Indonesian journalists get?

Rp4.5 million (or about US$420) per month is what the Alliance of Indeoendent Journalists think as reported in (via Rob  of The RAB experience, who has a very cute son).

Is this high enough to ensure that there is quality journalism in Indonesia?

A Fair Wage for Journalists

Friday, 29 May 2009 | 01:18:50

AJI Releases its 2009 Fair Wage for Journalists

The journalist profession is one that is determined by deadlines. However, a deadline must never be construed as an arbitrary number of working hours. The reality is that journalist might put in many more hours than the minimum to get their story to print on time. It is these time sacrifices that the Alliance of Independent Journalists (Aliansi Jurnalis Independen / AJI) seeks to recognize in its annual report on the fair wage for journalists in Jakarta.

AJI is of the view that there are many media companies who do not adequately recognize the contributions of their journalists. In an effort to assist those companies in recognizing a fair universal wage for all journalists AJI has done the research on the company’s behalf and established a fair minimum wage.

So, for the past two years AJI has provided a guideline minimum fair wage for Jakarta-based journalists. The announcement of the 2009 minimum fair wage was made amongst considerable fanfare at the AJI Secretariat in Jakarta on Tuesday (26/05). The number, IDR 4.5 million per month, is not surprising considering that the previous year the minimum fair wage according to AJI was IDR 4.1 million per month. The 2009 figure reflects inflationary pressures. In comparison, the minimum monthly wage for Jakarta’s workers, as set by the Regional Government, stands at around IDR 1 million.

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3 thoughts on “How much should Indonesian journalists get?

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  1. Yes, in my totally unbiased opinion my son is certainly a cute little fella.

    Thanks for the link.

    It is an interesting topic. I am not sure that it is enough, but then the question is how much is enough? History shows us that people earning much more are still prone to taking bribes or other things for pandering to a particular interest or influence. so, on goes the debate.


  2. Not gonna happen. Publishers and owners see reporters as replaceable cogs in a machine, and as long as universities continue to pump out more J-school grads than there are jobs, there’s no hurry to pay them a living wage.

    The age at which journalists get too old for this sh!t just keeps getting lower and lower….


  3. Press was made someone big and famous then give the news for our information alot let heir having their own money to talk about


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