Model Nation #13: Manohara on TV

Been getting a lot of traffic from The Might of the Pen today so Unspun went there to see what was up.Might,it appears have quite a few stories on Manohara and also a recent voice interview conducted by ANTV with her after she escaped from The Family.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

One of the interesting things Manohara said was that the Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur refused to help her.Which raises an interesting question: If Ambassadors and Embassy staff do not exist to help their own citizens then what good are they? What’s the raison d’etre of their existence? Diplomatic functions, canapes, duty free cars (which are then resold at a profit), duty free wines or the all-expenses paid lifestyle?An Unspun reader called to say he’s so glad that Manohara’s mum has demanded the resignation of the Indonesian Ambassador to Indonesia.

This is the first time, he said, that an Indonesian is demanding accountability from a public official. It’s probably an exaggeration about this being the first time but the point here is that – unless it is proven otherwise – the Indonesian Embassy virtually turned a blind eye while one of its citizens were physically and sexually abused. If you can’t get protection from your embassy, who else can you turn to.And this is a well-off Indonesian who’s been in the public limelight. Just imagine what short shrift Indonesian TKIs would get from the embassy.

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  1. Wow, totally crazy and horrible. I’m really curious to see how the Malaysian press deals with this or if they’ll just try to cover it up, no mention of it yet (that I could find) on any of the major newspaper websites


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