Model Nation #12: The problem that is now shared by Malaysians

Back in Model Nation #11, Unspun pointed out that Manohara is a problem that will not go away from the Kelantan Royal family, and if not solved soon would escalate into a crisis-like situation.

Well, with all the Indonesian newspapers blaring new of Manohara’s dramatic escape from what seems like the clutches of the Evil Prince and his family, I’d say that the problem has reached crisis proportions.

(Photo from The Jakarta Globe)

This crisis, unfortunately, impacts not only the Kelantan royal family but has implications for Malaysians who have to work with or in Indonesia, the Malaysian Government and the Royal Households of Malaysia.

Malaysians who have to work with and live in indonesia re on the frontline for any emotions that may erupt because this incident is being seen as yet another instance of Malaysians mistreating Indonesians. Already the chatter has begun in the blogs and Twitter that Indonesians should boycott Malaysia.

This chatter by itself is harmless for the time being but let’s not forget that there is a presidential electoral campaign kick starting soon and in such a situation it is very easy for someone to play the nationalist card.

We may never know what actually went on between Manohara, her family and the Prince and his family, but the perception now is one of the Prince sexually abusing Manohara, treating her like chattel, drugging her and generally being a pervert. The perception out there is also a sense of injustice: why is someone like this not brought to book – are they above the law.

In Malaysia, the Royals are for the most part above the law, although some recent rulings by the courts put this to doubt. Socially, however they remain untouchables.

The Malaysian Government most now consider whether it is worthwhile to turn a blind eye to this incident (assuming that Manohara’s accusations have substance) or to be seen to do something about it.

The Royal families also get together now and then in the Council of Rulers. Will they do something about this or send the message that they are beyond the law?

If they take decisive steps to address the issue then there is a chance that their esteem among the public, both in Indonesia and more importantly in Malaysia, will rise. If they do nothing then its asking for trouble for all Malaysians.

The way things are going, this case will not go away easily. Manohara and mum will see through a police report and if the Indonesian courts convict the Kelantan Royals it may not be enforceable but it would be very embarrassing for Malsyia and them.

It would also b very inconvenient because Unspun understands that they can take the court decision and take out injunctions in other countries, thereby preventing the Royals from traveling.

That would be a pain in the royal butt because, as everyone knows, Royals have very important businesses to conduct in the important places of th world such as New York, London, Geneva, Monte Carlo, Paris etc etc. Of course they also enjoy some skiing, shopping and nightlife while conducting such important businesses but what do the hoi polloi know about the pressures that beset royals?

clipped from

‘I Was Drugged and Abused’

Safe again on Indonesian soil, teenage model Manohara Odelia Pinot outlined a horrific story of sexual abuse, confinement and torture at the hands of her Malaysian prince husband after returning to Jakarta on Sunday, following a dramatic weekend escape from him in Singapore.
The picturesque 17-year-old said that Singapore police helped her leave her husband Tengku Temenggong Muhammad Fakhry, the crown prince of Malaysia’s Kelantan State, at a hotel there. They were in the city state with Fakhry’s father, Sultan Ismail Petra Shah II, who is undergoing medical treatment.
“I am still traumatized by all that happened and it has left an impact on me,” she told a press conference after flying back to Jakarta with her mother Daisy Fajarina, sister Dewi Sri Asih and a staff member of the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore.
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  1. I heard that Fahry, Manohara’s husband, is the Crown Prince of the Sultanate of Kelantan, if that’s true he’ll replace his ailing father as Sultan.
    I understand that the Malaysian King (Agong?) is the head of state who is selected every 5 years from amongst the sultans. This means that one day Fahry has a chance to take that role when the Sultan of Kelantan dies. It that happens, I am very sure that the Indonesian people, and also people from other countries, would not forget about his behaviors. WOW! What a Candidate Model King for a Model Nation!


    1. Multibrand

      For your info, Tengku FAKHRY nor Fahry has a brother. His brother will replace their father if their father die. His brother will rule the Kelantan. His brother is the eldest son in Kelantan royal family. If Kelantan state selected to be King (Agong), his brother will be Agong.

      Currently, His brother is acting Sultan of Kelantan, when their father receive treatment in Singapore.



  2. manohara is that old-bald-yet unhansome man’s nightmare for sure! it is the combination between the teen age, smart, open mind, freedom loving, and her father’s shared-gene that makes her so uncompared to that, ehm.. once again, old-bald-yet unhansome man


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