Model Nation #15: Prominent lawyer quits case, slams royals

Back in Model Nation #11, Unspun bloggd that he was told that a “prominent Indonesian” had been trying to advice the Kelantan Royals on how best to solve the case.It now turns out that Unspun‘s sources were accurate. The prominent Indonesian is none other than human rights lawyer Todung Mulya Lubis, as revealed in today’s edition of The Jakarta Post.

He reportedly resigned the case saying that “there was no will from the family to settle the case amicably,” The Jakarta Post said. Now, to have a lawyer decline your case in public is serious stuff. And a lawyer like Todung, who’s one of the most prominent and respected lawyers in Indonesia makes it very, very serious.

Can things get worse for the family where their image is concerned? If Unspun‘s right about this case, you betcha.

Speaking of images, the last paragraph of the Jakarta Post story also gave it to bloggers: “Bloggers from both countries, mostly young and emotional, have often served to escalate the tensions.” it said.

Unspun is aware of a few rabid bloggers out there, but by and large Unspun‘s impression of the blogging community is that it has generally looked on these issues with great amusement rather than being emotional to the point of escalating issues. Being passionate and being emotive are quite different things.

In fact the bloggers are the ones giving these issues the contect that the newspapers are failing to. But that’s just Unspun‘s opinion. Would love to hear from the bloggersphere about this though.

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Noted lawyer Todung Mulya Lubis announced he would no longer be the legal counsel for the Kelantan family, saying “there was no will from the family to settle the problem amicably”.
“I told them this was a serious matter,” he told the Post.

The Manohara saga has become the latest issue to strain the already tense Indonesia-Malaysia relations, along with other issues ranging from territorial violations and migrant worker abuse, to disputes over cultural heritage. Bloggers from both countries, mostly young and emotional, have often served to escalate the tensions.

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3 thoughts on “Model Nation #15: Prominent lawyer quits case, slams royals

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  1. I’d rather read blogs than the news because usually the news are rather constrained, depending who owned them esp in MY here. Anyhoo, my thought about the case is, no matter the nationalities involved, they’re human first and abuse shouldnt be tolerated. Screw the abuser(s) and whoever involved in enabling the situation. Let justice prevail.


  2. Our media has the tendency to cover up negative reports about VIPs. It is this ‘safety’ that encourages them do as they please.
    Lets assume it involves a PAS or Keadilan leader, the media would have painted the whole country red.
    Protect evil and we get more evil.


  3. Yes, let’s blame bloggers for this.. soon we will not be able to blog anymore because I’m pretty sure the govt will make some kind of new law against it..

    This is getting funnier and funnier.


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