Prita Mulyasari: The fuss and the fury (of the onliners)

Indonesia’s online community are reacting strongly to imprisonment of Prita Mulyasari, the housewife who was jailed because she dared to complain about a hospital’s services.

The hospital’s authorities may think that they can use the law to clobber her into silence but in doing so they have made the classical mistake of becoming Goliath picking on a poor David. Nobody likes that and the onliners are reacting strongly in Twitter, Plurk, Facebook and glogs.

Unspun usually doesn’t pay much attention to Facebook cause invitations and almost never sends out any cause invitations but in this case I think we should all send a strong message to the courts, the hospital and the government that the law is an ass when it comes to the Law on Electronic Information and Transaction.

Enda and other onliners have started a Facebook cause page and so far they have managed to get over 20,000 supporters. Join the cause now, Help Free Prita and repeal the Law on Electronic Information and Transaction.


In the meantime  a typical manifestation of the anger over this, and an example of how onliners are controlling the flow of the conversation over the Prita issue can be seen in the Notes page of Ryan Koesuma. Ryan also take the trouble to translate Prita’s original letter of complaint into English for those who do not understand Indonesian.

First of all imagine this. As a nursing mother of a newborn baby, you were jailed for a corporate setup crime. One public complaint email, and you were charged for name poisoning under the new handicapped IT law. And you’re weren’t covered by the consumer protection right.

This is a practice of the abuse of power by a corporate hospital (!) under a faulty law which is represented by the lawyers behind the son of a national mass-murderer (T.S.).

This is not a case of internet publishing ethics. Not a case of irresponsibility. What Ibu Prita has to say is not just some made-up lies. This is a case of public muting.

And this is the proof that UU ITE is cleary defected. Otherwise there would be no misinterpretation (as according to Mr. Cahyana, Applied Tech. General Director of Mins. Comm & Informatics).

Free Ibu Prita Now!

Join the Cause:

Read more here:


Here’s the translation I did from the original letter.

Don’t let my case happened to other lives. Especially childrens, elders and babies. Whenever you’re taking a treatment, becareful of the hospital’s luxury and “international” title, because the more luxurious the hospital is, and the smarter the doctors are, the more frequent the patients tests, drug sales, and injections.

I’m not saying that all international hospital are like that but I had to face this case at Omni International Hospital. Exactly on August 7th 2008 at 20.30 pm. With high fever, I came to the Omni International believeing that that hospital had an international standard, with of couse a good medical talent and management.

I was asked to go to the ER dan got my body temperature checked, and the result was 39(C) degrees. And then after the blood test, my thrombosit level is 27.000, which the normal level is 200.000. I was informed and handled by dr. Indah (general) and declared that I’m obliged to be admitted. Dr. I did the lab test recheck with my blood sample and the result was still the same, which is thrombosit 27.000.

Dr. I asked which specialist doctor I want to have. But I asked for her reference because I’m totally uncommon about this hospital. Then the reference is dr. H. Dr. H checked my condition, and I asked my condition, he explained that I had a dengue fever.

Since that night, I was infused and given injections without any explanation or a patient’s or family consent of the injection’s purpose. The next morning, dr. H visited me and informed that there’s a revision to the previous night’s test. It is not 27.000, but 181.000 (a lab test could be revisioned?). I was surprised but dr. H kept on giving instructions to the nurse to give me a variation of injections which I don’t know and with out my or my family’s consent.

I asked back what I’m really having, and the answer is still the same, that I had a dengue fever. I’m so concerned because I have two toddlers at home. So I chose to think positively about the hospital and the doctor that I can quickly recover and I believe I was medicated by a professional international-standard doctor.

Since that Friday, I was given a variation of injections in which with every one weren’t given any explanation from the nurse, and everytime I asked for an explanation, they didn’t have any satisfactorial explanation. It is impressed that the nurse were only doing the doctor’s order and the patient had to accept it. One box of the patient’s cabinet is full with infusions and needles with lots of syringe.

My left hand was starting to swollen. I asked them to stop the infusion and injections and asked to see dr. H. But the doctor still didn’t came after I was transferred to another room. Afterward my body temperature kept on rising to 39 degrees and came a replacement doctor which I don’t know his specialty is. After being checked, that doctor just said that he should wait for dr. H.

The next afternoon came dr. H with orders to the nurse to gave a few more drug injections. I asked the doctor what I’m really having and he explained I’m having an air virus. I asked that then I’m not having a dengue fever. But dr. H explained that dengue fever is still an air virus. I was rehooked with the infusion on the right hand and given a painful injection.

Later that night I was given a couple of syringe at once and I imidiately had breathing troubles for fifteen minutes and was given oxygen. The shift doctor came but only to said to wait for dr. H.

So that night I was still infused. Although my right hand had swollen like my left. I forcely asked stop the infusion and denied anymore injections or medication.

The next day me and my family came and demand dr. H to meet with us. But the promise were always delayed and he finally came later at night. My husband and brothers demanded an explanation from dr. H about my condition, the injections, the early lab test result with 27.000 revisioned into 181.000 and my breathing trouble, which had never happened before in my entire life. My condition is worsening with my left neck and left eye swollen.

Dr. H didn’t gave any satifactory explanation. Moreover, he then started to gave more instructions to the nurse for medications and not to use the infusion. We debated about my condition and asked for his responsibily on this from my first test result that I could have been not admitted in the first place. Dr. H blamed the lab departement and could not gave any satisfactory explanation.

The next day my condition kept on worsening with my right neck swollen and body temperature came back up to 39 degrees. But I insist not to be treated at this hospital and to be transferred to another hospital. But for that I need a complete medical data and once again I got fooled with fictious medical data.

In that medical record, it is explained that I’ve been excreting fine while I been having trouble with it since I was admitted at this hospital without any follow up. Then the lab result that was given is with my thrombosit at 181.000 not 27.000.

I insisted to be given the medical data lab test with 27.000 but was surprised the the 27.000 lab result was not printed and the printed one is 181.000. The head of the lab is dr. M and after I angrily complained the doctor said that the 27.000 lab result were in the Omni management. I forced to meet the management who held the certain lab result.

I filed a written complaint to the Omni management and accepted by Og (Customer Service Coordinator) and I was for a receipt. In that receipt it is only written as a suggestion not a complaint. I got really fooled by the Omni management with the Og staff that had no service to the customer at all but to taunt my action in asking a written complaint receipt.

I had become totally fed up and asked to a written statement from the hospital lab about my first lab result is 27.000 and not 181.000. It is the reason I was to be admitted to this hospital in the first place, although with the real thrombosit level of 181.00 I could have not been admitted.

Dr. G responses, as the one who is to be held to my complaint is that it was unprofesional at all. Not accepting complaint, he deflected that the lab had not given the 27.000 lab result as informed by dr. M. I asked for a meeting with the lab, management, and dr. H, but couldn’t be done with reasoning that it is to be discussed with the upper (management) and promised to be given the written statement at 4 pm.

After that, I went into another hospital and taken into care with my condition need to be taken care in an isolation room because my virus is infectious. According to the analisis, this is a childhood disease which is mumps but has worsened becaused it has swollen. If it is infected to a grown up men could cause impotency and women to cause pancreatitis and cysts.

I was surprised to hear it and really angry to the Omni hospital for lying to me with the analyzed the dengue fever and had given me multiple high dose injecions that cause breathing troubles. I asked about those injections to the new hospitally and found out that I’m prone to high dose injections and caused my breathing troubles.

My husband came back to Omni hospital to asked to the promised 27.000 lab result but faced with uncertain negotiations and a delay request to it could be deliverd the day after to my home. The next morning I waited the news from my house and until 12 pm no one from Omni came with the letter.

I called dr. G as the complaint manager and told me that his courier just about to go to my house. But until 4 pm in the afternoon I waited and still no one came into my house. I called dr. G again and he said that the letter want delivered to someone named Rukiah.

This is an outrageous lie. There’s no one in my house named Rukiah. I asked for my address confirmation, but he said it is difficult to find it and would take a long ting. The logics are in the receipt note should have the address, right? That’s why I called that all of the Omni Management are big liars. Becareful with their games that played someone lives.

Especially with dr. G and Og, had no hospitality and ethics on customers service and not in accordance to the international standard stated by this hospital

I told dr. G, I will come to Omni to take the statement and when my husband came, it its only passed to the receptionist and the contents broke our hearts.

The management only said their sorry for our inconvenience and it is not stated anywhere about the first lab test mistake that says 27.000 and later revisioned into 181.00 and gave the injections that cause my condition to worsened from before I was admitted.

Why does we insisted to get the statement? We want to know that the 27.000 lab result is real or fictious so that the Omni hospital could admit inpatients.

And after we’ve been fooled with promises, the truth is that my 27.000 lab result is fictious and I shouldn’t have been admitted as an inpatient in the first place and no need for injections and breathing troubles and my worsening health could have been treated well.

It cost me my health. Maybe because the costs are covered with insurances that this hospital could take my insurance limit as much as they could. But this hospital doesn’t care about the side-effects of this greedyness.

Mr. Og recommended that I met with the operational director of the Omni hospital (dr. B) but me and my husband are already fed up to follow the lying games with my condition still sick and admitted in another hospital.

Thankfully I’m recovering but there’s still an eye condition in which its upper membrane are torn and infected by the virus to my sights are blurry and I can’t stand to much light exposure and this takes a fair time to heal.

In every human lives there will be one’s paths and destiny. That’s right. But, if a human live got played around by a hospital that is trusted to heal is just disappointing.

May God gave the conscience to the management and doctors of Omni hospital to be remided that someday they too will have family, childrens, parents that one day will need a medical care. May it not happened as to what I had to go through at this Omni hospital.

I’m hoping that one of the readers are the staff or doctors or managemen of Omni hospital. Please say to dr. G, dr. H, dr. M and Og, don’t let your gracious work gone to waste for your company. I must informed that dr. H also practise in RSCM too. I’m not saying that RSCM is bad but be careful about the health treatment from this doctor.

Prita Mulyasari
Alam Sutera

18 thoughts on “Prita Mulyasari: The fuss and the fury (of the onliners)

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  1. I think it is Prita’s right to complain about the poor services this hospital gave her.
    The doctors should give her full information about the medicines and injections to be given to her, and about the side-effect she should expect. After performing this, they should ask for her consent to receive these treatments.
    Without these, who can agree that the hospital and the doctors do not perform a malpractice?


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  3. perlu/patut diduga juga adanya konspirasi antara RS OMNI dgn pihak2 tertentu untuk memenjarakan ibu Prita, biasalah ada oknum2 terkait yang akhirnya lebih memilih lembar2 rupiah daripada mempertimbangkan sisi kemanusiaannya


  4. Apa yang menimpah saudari kita prita mulyasari adalah konspirasi oknum2 tertentu, seharusnya pihak omni memberikan hak2 prita saat jadi pasien omni hospital, dokter2 yang menangani juga cuma berusaha menjaga nama baik mereka takut di pecat, pihak rumah sakit takut kehilangan pelanggan akibat email, padahal email tersebut cuma curahan hati,


  5. Guys, dont think u think it suppose to happen the other way around? Shouldn’t The patient got the right to sue the hospital for mistreatment?


  6. I think Prita should actually sue them,
    misdiagnosed and mistreated. isn’t that malpractice?
    she was detained due of defamation?
    what about the hospital? did the cops or the detective check her story? or investigate the hospital.
    i mean, what is more important? a name of a hospital? or the safety of thousands of people who trust their health to an institution?


    Saya rasa Prita harusnya yang menuntut mereka,
    salah diagnosa dan salah penanganan. bukannya itu mala praktek?
    Prita ditahan oleh karena pencemaran nama baik?
    bagaimana dengan rumah sakitnya? apa polisi atau detektif nya ngecek cerita ibu Prita? ngecek rumah sakitnya? untuk memastikan kebenarahnya?
    manakah yang lebih penting? nama sebuah rumah sakit? atau keselamatan ribuan orang yang mempercayakan kesehatan mereka pada suatu badan?



  7. It’s funny that the hospital chose to sue the patient as opposed to conducting an internal review.

    Had they conducted an internal review instead, it will be less damaging to their image than go public with this. I’ll be shocked if this hospital managed to get a single admission now. Poor management indeed.

    In Western country, it will be the other way around. Patient suing for malpractice. You never see the hospital sued patient for defamation (unless of course, it’s a real defamation).


  8. Kasus ini mengundang pertanyaan: “Apakah Prita yang pertama kali?”

    This case raises the question: “Is Prita the only one?”


  9. The more you Indonesian commit contributions to poor people, the more Indonesian administration under SBY do not care of the poor people. I am a Malaysian know well about this all. Realiti show ala pemimpin Indon. Dihapus jangan. Bila kami tengok perkembangan kejadian sehingga sekarang ni, terang benderang itulah pola-pola Orbanya Suharto yang kebali dan dibiari kepala kerajaan kerana takut pada anak buah jahat. Pencuri-pencuri kecil dibantai bak tikus-tikus sementara perompak wang rakyat macam kes BLBI dan kes Bank Century aman-aman sahaja. Ini boleh sepengetahuan presiden atupun di luarnya.
    Untuk membuktikan yalah apakah presiden itu berani membuang sisa-sida mafia kekuasaan pra reformasi atau justeru tunduk pada permainan mereka. Pemecatan terhadap Kepala Jaksa Besar Hendarman yalah tepat dan harus diterusi dengan pemecatan Kapolnas Hendarso.
    Ini kerana terang bahawa dari balik pelbagai kes yalah kelicikan permainan pola-pola lama tersebut dan yang lain. Kes-kes baharu di Indonesia dalam kerajaan presiden sekarang Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, SBY, bolehlah semua itu semata bagi menutupi rakyat negeri jiran itu tak nak lagi atau melupai kes besar Indonesia kontemporer iaitu bailout ilegal 6,7 triliun untuk Century Bank, Bank Mutiara. Indonesia rakyat harusnya tahu dan sedar tentang pengalihans sempurna dan abadi itu.
    Inilah kisah realiti show ala Indon, semua semata bagi menutupi kes besar yalah blunder di era daripada presiden tersebut dan tidak lebih daripada perkara itu. Macam ini apabila presiden yang katanya penakut itu ternyata tetap diam seribu bahasa, pastilah rakyat Indonesia menuntut lengser teprambon. Yalah tepat saat presiden itu segera memecat kapolnas sekarang ini dan mengganti yang baharu yang jujur.
    Kejelasan macam ini penting sangat kerana pelbagai kes pembohongan dan penipuan opini telah lama dibuat oleh kapolnas itu kepada rakyat Indonesia, iaitu macam kes perompakan terhadap bank dan pencurian ATM yalah murni kejahatan biasa dan tidak ada bersangkut-paut dengan kes terorisme. Lagipun begitu otoritas Indon itu selalu berkata bahawa perkara itu bersangkut-paut terorisme ataupun selalu membesar-besarkan bahawa ada terorisme di negeri jiran itu.
    Opini-opini lain berkata mengapa polis Indon dalam Kapolnas Bambang Danuri Hendarso membuat penipuan opini macam ini yalah bermaksud bagi pertama mendapatkan kemungkinan perolehi wang sokongan besar dari kerajaan Amerika Syarikat bagi anti terorisme. Namun berkali-kali Amerika Syarikat tidak menyedari ditipu macam ini oleh polis Indon, bermakna bahawa otoritas polis tersebut tidak semata menipu rakyat Indonesia tetapi pun menipu kerajaan Amerika Syarikat. Tujuan Hendarso yalah bagi merepotkan SBY, bermakna bagi mengesani bahawa SBY yang musti bertanggung jawab bagi pelbagai kejahatan HAM macam ini.
    Kes-kes rekayasa berkambing hitam terorisme ini dibuat oleh kapolnas itu jelas bagi bertujuan memiliki tawar supaya tidak diberhentikan dari jabatan kapolnas oleh SBY yang mula membukti reformasi. Kapolnas macam itu masuk nalar apabial dipecat kerana haluan-haluan ceroboh membantai penduduk biasa tidak berdosan dituduh sebagai teroris-teroris, iaitu kekejaman era sekarang Indonesia terhadap hak-hak azasi manusia, HAM, dan bahkan dasar negara daripada negeri jiran tersebut.
    Tiada jalan bagi melanjutkan reformasi kecuali dengan membuang habis sisa-sisa orang lama, disini SBY harus menentukan sikapnya dengan jelas hanya taat dan memegang serta berpihak kepada rakyat, bagi membuang tamat daripada pejabat-pejabat bermentaliti korup mafia lama. SBY bagaimanapun ujian yang musti dihadapi harus berani membuang habis sisa-sisa lama antara lain memecat kapolnas.
    Macam tengok kes-kes mengerikan dan tak berkemanusiaan ini, SBY musti memilih calon kapolnas yang jujur baik dan berani dan bermata seribu bagi mampu melihat bahawa sesungguhnya yang selama ini berlaku hanya kes-kes kejahatan biasa, dan tidak ada sangkut-paut samasekali dengan terorisme, macam diaku oleh polis Indon selama ini, bagi mengemis wang dari Amerika Syarikat. Mata dunia tidak buta. Seringkali bahkan Indon memburok-burokkan kami pendduuk dan budak-budak seMalaysia dan kerajaan diraja Malaysia melibat, membelajari dan melindungi teroris-teroris dan terorisme, yalah kesilafan tanpa dasar adu domba yang dinyalakan otoritas Indon. Kami sebagai budak-budak Malaysia serumpun bahkan tengok mengenaskan kerana penduduk negara jiran itu yang sekadar mencari sesuap nasi dan kerana tidak mampu lanats mereka mencuri pada ATM lanats dibantai atas nama dikambing hittam sebagai teroris-teroris semata bertujuan polis Indon perolehi wang dari Amerika Syarikat.
    Lantas macam mana memperlakukan sisa penduduk malang itu yalah bahawa kerana mereka yalah murni membuat kejahatan biasa, mereka musti dihormati HAM mereka dan mendapatkan hak-hak hukum mereka, pembela-pembela ataupun pengacara-pengacara HAM yang pandai. Polis maupun otoriti keamanan lain manapun bahkan di bangsa manapun pastilah boleh tak main hakim sendiri dengan menembak hidup mereka apalagi sehingga mati. Kekejaman dan kejahatan HAM di negeri jriab itu tak nak terjadi apabila Indonesia dipimpin polis dengan jenderal-jenderal bukan palsu dari kepangkatan tersebut diperolehi dari setor wang ke senior-senior mereka, maka jadilah jenderal-jenderal tidak jujur dan selalu menyalah gunakan adripada otoritas yang ada. Kriminal biasa, dan teroris sekalipun, hanya boleh dipenjarakan.
    Dapatkah arogansi ataupun kebiadaban otoritas Indon dihenti? Dapats sangat apabila terhadap macam kes-kes kekejaman polis Indon selama ini, seluruh rakyat Indonesia khususnya seuruh NGO-NGO HAM Indonesia bersama-sama harus berdemo di depan markas polis dan istana bagi menekan SBY memecat langsung kapolnas dan polis-polis Indon burok manapun. Kerana mereka membukti tidak jujur dan membantai rakyat. Harus direnungkan bahawa ketika anak-anak bangsa Indonesia itu membuat amalan kejahatan merompak wang ATM daripada bank yalah semata kerana kerajaan Indonesia dari masa ke masa tidak memberi penghidupan yang wajar dan pekerjaan yang bermartabat kepada rakyatnya.
    Seorang teman karib kami benar saat berkata bahawa kami Malaysia menahan polis Indon masa lepas, kerana polis itu memeras nelayan-nelayan kami yang masih di wilayah perbatasan Malaysia. Memeras yalah kekhasan polis Indon bahkan perkara ini dibuat terhadap rakyat sendiri sehari-hari di seluruh wilayah Indonesia mula dari membuat daripada izin berkendara, mencegat pengendara kereta meminta wang sehingga macam-macam pemerasan yang lain, dari tingkat bawah sehingga atas, bahkan di era presiden yang kata teman-teman budak-budak mahasiswa yang sedng belajar disini sebagai presiden itu reformist. Tetapi manakah bukti itu. Semata bolehlah dikata itu sedikit sangat.
    Macam kejadian di Indonesia itu ironis sangat, kerana pencuri-pencuri yang semata mengambil wang semata kerana hidup susah dan mulia bagi menghidupi keluarga-keluarga mereka itu ditembak mati pada saat perompak-perompak BLBI dan Bank Century dicumbu dan diamankan polis Indon. Nauzubillah minzalik. Macam inilah ketidak jelasan presiden. Macam tengok pelbagai kejadian di Indonesia, kami bersaksi SBY cepat ataupun lambat nak dilengseri oleh rakyat negeri jiran itu, kerana tak kunjung datang isyarat-isyarat dan keberpihakan untuk rakyat negeri itu, dan justeru yang berlaku yalah pembantaian-pembantaian rakyat di sana-sini. Tak takutkah mereka kepada gerakan dan sabotase rakyat? [Awak ada opini berbeza, macam apapun bolehlah dimajukan ke kami: ].


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