The other Manohara

Predators will be predators and this blogger, who unfortunately shares the same name as Manohara, has been beset by lots og Genit men lately because of the saga involving the model and the Kelantan Prince.
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See, in Indonesia, there is no family name. Even if you get married, doesn’t mean you have to change your name to your husband’s. Yes people call me Mrs. Dan. But in every card I have, and for any purpose, I still use the name my parents gave me. And children have their own name, without family name either. I’m thinking about changing my name on Facebook with my husband’s name, but Dan said it is not necessary. All I need to do is just ignore all those friend requests I don’t want to accept. I guess he’s right.
And why does this annoy me? Because my name is Latree Manohara. Suddenly I received sooooooo many friend requests from men I never knew. And yes, all are men. I know this may sounds silly. But this really annoys me also, in other way.
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