The Vriens-Kiroyan Partnership

About two months after Unspun reported on the tie-up but here is Public Affairs’ version.
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Vriens announces link-up with Indonesia’s Kiroyan Partners

Hans Vriens: Forging links with Kiroyan Partners

Singapore-based government relations operator Vriens & Partners (V&P) has announced a partnership with Indonesian CSR and stakeholder engagement firm Kiroyan Partners.

V&P founding partner Hans Vriens says the exclusive cooperation agreement allows the two firms to strengthen their service offering in Indonesia and around Southeast Asia.
Vriens, who was until recently APCO’s deputy chairman in Asia, said that both companies have already established joint teams working together on several projects.
Recently-founded V&P offers counsel and service to multinationals, non-profits and governments in the fields of government relations, regulatory analysis, and social and mainstream media outreach.
Kiroyan Partners was founded by managing partner, Noke Kiroyan
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